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Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Anniversary Dearest!

I wanted to make the one month mark!

I miss foosball so damn much… SO SO SO damn much!

My life is filled with deadlines and nothing more. I’ve been rushing my ass off over weekends and holidays to get work done… and like it or not, “You’re the servicing person, no choice!!!” says my boss.

It’s like day after day, night after night… my boss must be making a fortune. Better gimme a good bonus this year *hehehehe*

Ah… home sweet home. Sometimes the feeling is like… being… torn between two lovers… the current and the future…. Mothers I mean… well at least I don’t sneak in anymore, the parents know my face and my name (and vice-versa for him *hehe*) and well everyone’s happy.

Today is our 3rd month officially together…

He was mugged last week… darned b***ards!!! At least they had the brains to just take the valuables (and spare him his life)…. But they took my phone :(

Christmas is around the corner! Quick I need some ideas… we’re having this gift exchange thingy at work and I cleverly drew my boss’s name SO…. I need to find something affordable but nice enough for a 30+ man… yeah…. WHAT???? Come on gimme some ideas yah.

My shower calls for me… 4 days seem like forever.

Sorry for the super irregular posts… I’m pretty sure they’ll be more regular once I figure out where I’m at more often (to put my pc lah!) apart from the office since we’ve got this thing called a darned PROXY. Bah!