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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Came across a condom brand called shoot.

I’ve been neglecting blog again. No blogs from work, no read no write… I actually believe I’ve gotten less smart from lack of reading.

Carmen Soo is chunted!

Watched ‘The Girl From Ipoh’ on Wednesday. Sis got Mom and I Charity premiere tickets (WOW?)

House for rent in Sri Petaling.

So a couple was bashed up in Zouk. What’s Zouk’s side of the story?

Lost is a good show… The O.C is great and Desperate Housewives is even better. Praise the Lord for Tv Torrents!

The relationship is healing… I mean the wounds… we’re coming to terms with things and we’ve been talking a lot, and we’re mending things as we go along… 2 months into this… seems like only yesterday :)


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