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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sweet Nothings...

I’m sitting here in my lonely, quiet cubicle… thinking about a certain someone…

It’s a freaking Friday and I can’t go back yet (despite the fact I’m bored to my skull) since the people decided to have a little “office warming” dinner tonight…

We’re planning to go watch Flight Plan tonight, a plan that was thought of LAST week and hasn’t been accomplished yet.

Life has been indeed blissful of late… with him being SUPER sweet! After 22 years of existence, I finally know the meaning of SWEET.

Since the 12th of September, a few obstacles obstructed our way… especially the X issue. Someone decided to drop by and make life miserable for me… thinking that she still held the upper hand to his heart. And if making an appearance wasn’t bad enough, she had to worsen things by bringing up the good ol days, the whole “remember the time we did this and did that…” kinda crap. He’s sensitive, and the tear ducts somehow produced… who had to endure the torture? Duh


My birthday is just around the corner so quick get me PRESENTS! Scroll back to a few older posts to see my wishlist… simply said… pimp up my ride babeh!

Mandy, Pei Lyn and I will be having a triple combo birthday do at Margie & Jess’s residence somewhere in Subang SS18. It may not be as drunk or crazy as KY’s parties, but would be more of a ex-convent Kajang girls class of 2000 get together kinda thing… expect to see conventarians there, most probably with their bfs attached.

Wanna come? Sure thing honey… just pick up some food along the way and you’re in! No I’m not being an el-cheapo, just that I can’t seem to figure out how many people will be there, and somehow the idea of a BBQ didn’t go down too well so I just thought… well come with some food enough for yourself and maybe 2 others, so that we can share-share our food, you eat my fave I eat yours… at the same time it’ll be a mystery for us!


Come yah come yah… See you there this Saturday… at some 7pm (International Time please) k?


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