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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Love

Hear the sound of seaside breeze,

I shiver in coldness, could almost freeze;

You embrace me, hug me tighter please,

Watch out above you I see some fleas.

Nothing happened the last whole year,

I waited to see but only felt fear,

Days passed and now we’re here;

Happily united, I love you dear.

Thick and thin we’ve made it through,

Words of hatred never came true;

Change of wind brought nothing evil,

But there’s still someone I’d call a devil.

Why did she mess with my new found life,

Created havoc, even when I’m by your side;

I’d love to hate her with all my spite,

But that’ll hurt you, am I not right?

One year waiting, I suffered in silence,

Watching you go as I stocked up my patience,

Oh it was joy to see your radiance,

When you finally told me you’ve served your penance.

I didn’t lose faith, I would never do,

We’ll start fresh, a whole life anew;

I’m right by you, if only you knew,

A brand new life just me and you.


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