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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me ,,,,

Thanks guys for dropping by the sad party. At least we managed to catch up… well some of us :)

Was rudely awakened by the vibrations of his phone EARLY Sunday morning (Mind you it was some 7.00am)… It was the ex with a serious psychiatric problem. Glad it was over and done with by noon and he didn’t change his mind about going uphill to visit Uncle Lim.

It was a wonderful weekend, with a whole 24 hours of undivided attention. Come to think of it, Sean really is a gem… truly a sweet guy with a huge heart! I guess all my effort over the past year didn’t rope in any disappointment.

Anyhow, for ONCE we didn’t gamble a single cent up there… Uncle Lim, please buck up fresh produce delivery… the Sushi King up there S U C K S big time.

Sorry I didn’t get to meet up with you Mike… and NO I wasn’t unhappy… well maybe I was due to the “ex” problem but my nightmare kind of ended so all’s good.

Thanks gals for the cute presents… absolutely love the Pashmina!

And so I’m 22, older and wiser, happy and very much in love.


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