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Friday, September 02, 2005

Sex is Zero

So Merdeka came and went, and September is here. It passed as just another holiday to me… not to say I’m unpatriotic or what, but just like my birthday… I’d plan to just stay home and sleep (off the hangover) after one night of celebrating with friends… in this case it was Misai with Sean, my client and her Bf. We did wish each other HAPPY MERDEKA when the fireworks went off… Teh Tarik is cheaper than beer any day!

I wanted to berbelog in my Bahasa Kebangsaan but then… I think I wrote 2 paragraphs before I had to leave the office and completely forgot about it when I got back.

Moving office to Damansara Perdana next week, now that renovations are complete. I doubt the traffic would be any better compared to what I face currently, with small jams and traffic lights along the way slowing things down. Will I still be able to wake up at 8, leave the house at 8.30 and reach the office at 9? Only time will tell…

I have a question. What’s a good brand of mooncake to buy? Say… as a gift to someone’s mom??? The few good ones I’ve gathered of are Kam Lun Tai, Yuk Woo Hin & Overseas. Any others?

Korean movies are good. We celebrated Merdeka watching Sex is Zero. A heart-warming comedy about Sex and college students. It covers the whole package, group activities, chicks, the nerd (in this case the sohai), the heartthrob, the school beauty, the school jock, virginity, masturbation, porn, pregnancy, abortion and “LOVE”… you get the drift.

So the story is about this mid-20s guy who joined college after a stint in the military. He plays the sohai in the show, doing the dumbest of things (i.e. eating rat poison), jumping off the building etc… but he’s the hero of the show. Some of the scenes .... well this is one of them...

The humour is tasteful, even though most of the show was about reading subtitles. Something along the lines of American pie, but definitely more tasteful than Hong Kong comedies of the Lau Ching Wan type. Get the DVD today… If you need to buy it, let me know I’ll give you my recommendation.

It’s FRIDAY so WORK HARDER so that you can finish earlier and PARTY THE WEEKEND AWAY! Enjoy J