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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh… an anniversary

FINALLY something that lasted a year. Besides the birthday, I don’t quite recall celebrating a year of anything… I’ve never had a relationship longer than a year, never owned something for more than a year, done something for more than a year… and the list is never ending.

Here I am, sitting at my place in this office, where I’ve been sitting for ONE FREAKING YEAR! Yup, 6th September marks ONE FREAKING YEAR in MC, ONE FREAKING YEAR of handling the same client, ONE FREAKING YEAR of watching people walk in and out, ONE FREAKING YEAR of eating at the same mamak, ONE FREAKING YEAR driving the same route across town…

Happy Anniversary to me. I’ve made my ONE FREAKING YEAR mark in my FIRST JOB. Lucky me… really :)

Was browsing the aisles at the Car Accessory shop below my office, and the one thing that caught my attention is the faux Ambi Pur car air freshener (old and new model). The entire thing up to the packaging is similar to the original… even the pricing is SLIGHTLY lower than the original… funny people doing funny business…


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