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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jojo watches – The Island

GSC BTS, A rather new addition to the GSC franchise of Cinemas.

Decided to watch The Island last Saturday so we did watch it, in GSC Times Square. Since I’ve never been to the Gold Class, I pestered him to get Premiere Class tickets… which we did. I ooh-ed and ahh-ed when I stepped in to the spacious hall, ala kampong mari.

They have a bar at the waiting lounge which serves beer among other drinks… and the usual spacious seats blablabla. The only things missing were footrests… something we would appreciate having in cinemas (even if it means the MetroBus/Express Bus type of foot rest)

As for the Island, well the movie was rather good I’d say… with more realistic impressions of cloning and stuff… It wasn’t too sci-fi (like F4) which was out of this world. The humour from the naivety of the clones struck many funny chords… making us laugh our asses off.


I ran out of things to write… I can’t even rant and rave about other things apart from ranting and raving. How to jadi like the Suanies and Kennys of the world lah like this? Dahlah apa skill pun tarak.

Gol & Gincu. Wanna watch. Sis said she got cameo… must go watch…. So dat I can spot her bwahahaha.

Sorry for typing like a retard. Must be the bloody mtfkkg haze. Mch I don’t need tinting and sunglasses liao!

Works cranking me up. I’m WAY AHEAD of my fkkg deadline. SIEN. Going for a holiday soon. Know of any nice hotels (within a budget range of 100-200 MYR) in melaka? Lemme know lemme know. Back to work. BAH!


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