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Friday, July 22, 2005

Why this now?

March 2005 – discovered pregnancy, went for abortion

July 2005 – discovered pregnancy, contemplating abortion

No Not me.

I just received an sms saying his friend was preggies, AGAIN. WTF is wrong with these people? The girl no doubt is being victimized (by a guy who doesn’t know how to fkkg withdraw) but still, there definitely was ignorance on her part. Cum in me oh baby, oh baby, let me feel you flow deep within me. *barf*

Notice the time distance? She’s now crying because she’s pregnant. What do you want to do? I don’t know! No point asking me! Does he want the baby? Are the both of you ready to become parents? Do you see yourself together in 10 years as a family? Sit down and think of the consequences.

It hurts to see her like this, simply because of her stupidity. No doubt, go for an abortion, kill another innocent life and carry on with life once again. Don’t make the same mistake again. If I’m not mistaken this has been her 4th abortion by far, and she just doesn’t learn.

Not just to her, but to all who have been pregnant/aborted before… you know who you are. It hurts to see you throw junior down the drain. Why even bring him/her into the world in the first place because of ONE NIGHT of passion? Has there not been enough education promoting SAFE SEX?

One abortion after another, thinking it’s the best way out. Kill your health, kill your fertility. Don’t cry 10 years down the road to a doctor asking why you’re infertile? Why are you unable to bear child? What would G~d think of you after killing so many lives? Repent and make it right again. Having sex is not a sin, but if it makes you kill thence after, it is a mortal sin. Think about it, think.

NO not me.