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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Terrorist invasion?

Like Kim, I had a good feeling about War of the Worlds when it started. I thought hey … Maybe it’s not that bad after all!

In fact, it was so g00d I have nothing more to say about it … apart from the fact Tom Cruise was in it and NO THEY’RE NOT FREAKING TERRORISTS! Dakota Fanning is irritatingly good.

Exam was ok … will possibly pass this time around … since I actually answered more than averagely tee hee. Thanks for the links Tiger … Educated me abit more :)

Headed to 1U for some lunch and window shopping before spending 7 friggin bucks for an unworthy WOTW.

No I didn’t go to work today and all I can’t imagine how much ONE DAY’s backlog would amount to … no no … Kenot imagine! Bah! Rant rant rant … and I don’t even do it well enough. Sigh.