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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Queer female driver antics

Queer female driver antics

They just brake. They could be driving down a highway at 80kmph on the fast lane when they BRAKE because they want to slow down to cut to the left.

They just brake. They JAM Brake when they spot a parking spot 100 feet away

They just brake. They JAM Brake when they see a familiar person/car and must talk to that person or at least get that person’s attention.

They just brake. They Brake in front of 7-11 and run down to buy things thinking that well there are no queues in 7-11 and that people would gleefully wait

They just brake. They brake when their phone rings, whether or not they’re on the handsfree.

They just brake… for the fucking sake of braking. Can I break them?

Weekend was good. His birthday was last Thursday and well I didn’t even see him :( well its ok, because we had a weekend birthday celebration … Spicy Nandos Peri Peri, a new wallet … movies … and more for you to imagine (or not)

So I confronted him last night. We were chatting like schoolchildren on MSN and I started asking the silliest of questions. Then there came a point where I touched on the relationship talk and then much thought was revealed and for once we didn’t argue about it.

I slept soundly last night … so soundly I didn’t want to wake up this morning. It’s Tuesday, we had a new Copywriter in yesterday. Cute girl called Sue Ann … my age … if you think I’m bubbly, I HAVE To introduce the PR Gal of the year!


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