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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pig Sty

Clothes strewn all over the floor, on the bed, chairs and doors… bags sitting on every corner of the room, cigarette ashes here and there, tsunami-hit wardrobe, dusty written on dust-coated surfaces, a strand of hair on every floor tile …. Welcome to my room.

I’ve never been neat. My room is literally a pig sty. I’ve been like this since I had my own room at 10. ARGH

Age is catching up with me. I’ve started to realize the meaning of untidiness.


I, Jojo Low… pledge to mop the floor every weekend with AJAX Fabuloso without being told. I also pledge to make my bed every morning (even if it means pulling up my comforter to cover whatever beneath it) the moment I get out of bed. A cloth and pail will be used to wipe any dust off, as and when they gather. There will be organization in my room, with a proper place for everything. My wardrobe will be colour coordinated, and my bags will be labeled according to occasion, type, colour and material.

I will empty all ashtrays every 2 days, and throw every empty mineral water bottle. Paper and plastic bags will strictly be placed in one big paper bag, with the condition that they are folded or pressed neatly. Not a single strand of hair is to be visible on the beige floor. The floor, MUST be shiny and spotless. There are to be no more than TWO towels hanging on the chair at any one time. No more than 3 clothing articles are to be visible out of the wardrobe. Every single bag must be put away in the appropriate place.

Banned items:-

  1. Newspapers older than 1 day
  2. Magazines older than 2 months
  3. Empty bottles/tubes/cartons/ANYTHING
  4. All sorts of FOOD, with the exception of water
  5. Any expired item
  6. Dust and cigarette ashes
  7. Any item that is TO BE disposed off
  8. Bedsheets older than 1 week

If I am caught disregarding or breaking any of the above, I will be sentenced to stiffer, harsher household chores.

Jojo Low, 2 July 2005