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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oi How to say NO?

Mch was caught up in a super duper long conversation yesterday and I COULDN’T GO! I hit the lift button 4 times to hint that I was in a freaking hurry and I needed to get the car back to the owner so that he could go home from work (since clever me didn’t leave her car keys for him either) but NO! I was just stuck there for 1 freaking hour listening to someone whine and NO she didn’t let me go!

Fuck I want a better car.

Me graduating this Saturday… I paid RM70 to “rent” a robe I won’t get to keep nor get any part of that RM70 back. Talk about daylight robbery!

3 tickets… mom, sis and Sean are coming.

Dress code: Formal (But it’s a FREAKING SATURDAY MORNING)! Who in their right mind would formally dress up for a 10am function? GEEZUZ

I’m actually not too excited BUT I’m more worried about waking up on time this Saturday. Freak! I got to be there by 8.30am which means I need to drag myself out of bed by 7 to do my hair and face.

So I was getting my daily blog dose whilst dousing bread in Milo. What’s the whole big fuss about everything in blogosphere? Kenny Sia wrote a good comeback (after removing his so-called controversial SPG post) and XiaXue was in today’s In Tech. Poor girl had her blog hacked (yet some people think she deserves it).

There’s a blogathon coming up. Starring Suanie, ShaolinTiger, PeterTan, Paul Tan, Minishorts & Kenny Sia. Pledge! Keep an eye on Bloggers Are Morons.

KY can’t stop blogging about food.

The floor cleaner smells good.

Someone said he misses me. Trust me I melted since he’s NEVER said anything sweet before … see I like him BECAUSE he’s NOT a romantic.

Watched the first 50 minutes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Downloaded the cam since I couldn’t wait). One kid down, 4 to go :) The online version of Harry Pothead was taken off the website but I think I have it saved on cache … Getting a copy from the UK, since it’s so freaking expensive here… but I’ll have to wait.

Busy period starting soon being the later half of the year and all … Sigh!


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