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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Look Ma - A Corpse!

Nearly ran over a body yesterday… well it was sprawled in the middle of the fast lane. Would believe it had just happened, and since there weren’t any stalled vehicles, me thinks it was a hit and run case. Called the cops, went along and did my stuff, but I’m still shaking. Imagine running over a dead cat / rat / dog… now imagine running over a human body.

Weekend was pretty much … relaxing. Spend lots of time with him. I think mom suspects something… well since nothing is confirmed between us, I wouldn’t want mom to get the wrong information either. By the way mom has high blood pressure. Sean brought her for a checkup this morning, a pre-requisite for the policy I bought for her. They’ll probably ask for some form of loading – in which case the premium will be more expensive. (Sakitnya saku aku)

Oh yah, do you work in Damansara Perdana? I’d like to find out peak period traffic conditions getting in and out as well as Parking Space availability. We might be moving there, as in moving office there.

Work sucks. Nothing new really… just that same insane woman who drives me up the wall. SIGH :|