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Sunday, July 10, 2005


... the weekend came and went so quickly ...

Last night was Satay and Fried un-Halal food in Kajang

Today was work, car wash and floor mop

Later ... well I'm looking forward to meeting up with PennyPupz ... I think she's cute ... plus she reminds me of myself when I was 17 ... cute, bubbly and ... just fkkg adorable. Can i pinch you Penny?????? Please pretty Please ?????????????????????

So bored I've even run out of things to blog about. Honestly ... no general topics, no news, no gossip, no love story, no nothing! Absofkkglutelynothing! Nothingness. I've noticed i have a ranting streak - the urge to just type stupid meaningless nothings!

I absofkkglutely love blogging from Microsoft word because it spell checks in case you haven't noticed the almost flawless spelling and punctutation (and I'm not talking about grammar nor Manglish). However, this post is completely impromptu, with me writing it here in blogspot.

The floor is sparkling clean and smells of ajax fabuloso. That sh*t is darned good ... smells good and all ... even masked the smoke smell off! unfortunately I'm having another cigarette now so the smell will eventually come back. But the floor is still sparkling clean :P

Penny is in Sunway Pyramid doing gawd knows what ... Dree is going to shower and I'm sitting here nekkid wondering what should I wear. There's this chick gathering (apparently) in SS2 murni and that's where we'll be having dinner. I'm starving ...

It's back to work tomorrow. I'm having a good hair day. smells of Clairol Herbal Essences. I give up trying different shampoos. How to please my precious crowning glory? This shampoo tak ngam that shampoo tak ngam so it retaliates by falling. I'll be bald before i reach 50. Damnit.

Jeans and tee shirt. suak ... Come murni see babes k?


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