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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I KNEW it was going to be a good day when I belted out Quando Quando Quando this morning on the Piano, before heading off to work.

Tell me when will you be mine
Tell me quando, quando, quando
We can share a love divine
Please don´t make me wait again


The air was just filled with music. I sang ALL THE WAY to work, cigarette or not, Jam or not … heck nobody pissed me off on the road today (or maybe they did) but I didn’t notice. I was just too happy…

No larh Sean didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend… nobody gave me anything or did anything to me. Can’t I wake up on the right side of the bed and be happy???


I’m GRADUATING. Ok fine, no First Class Honours degree… no Dean’s list or whatever crap. Just my long awaited IAA DIPLOMA! To some people, it’s merely a diploma but let me tell you, this diploma is one that I’m super proud of, one that kept me studying for 3 years.

I owe it to IACT for bringing out the bestest advertising people in Malaysia … honestly. Who needs a degree in advertising? All they need is your brain and the creative juices they produce.

And so I jumped around the office in pure JOY (nearly spraining my ankle when I landed) but nonetheless, I feel like the happiest girl in the world.

I digress. Why am I so happy I graduated? Let’s see… 3 years in an institution doing assignments and pleasing lecturers, learning Intergrated Marketing to Copywriting to Multimedia! I’m telling yea that 30k mom spent for 3 years of studying certainly paid off well.

Agencies prefer IACT Graduates because they are…

- Well trained by industry professionals (Copywriting Gurus, Marketing Gurus, Multimedia Gurus… well you get the drift)

- Street smart and well prepared to face the real advertising world

- Equipped with knowledge of things that matter, not things that are irrelevant

- Practical in applying knowledge of what they’ve learnt, I for one am no longer a bimbo

- Excellent apprentices, because of the creative way they were taught in college

There you go, 5 reasons why you should study at IACT (if you’re interested in advertising lah) or hire IACT graduates. No, IACT is not paying me anything for this, but I feel grateful to this place that made JOJO LOW. So now, send me flowers, send me cards, buy me lunch, CELEBRATE WITH ME!

(I know this is not the academy awards)

Thanks Norza for giving me countless lectures, Shuks for being my messenger, Vicky for being the bestest Tai Kar Che and May for giving me lots of tips.

To Adeline, Joyce Lim, Raymond, Mr Choong, Penny Low, Lawrence Chan, Mr Kadir, Andrew, Puan Rosnah, Benny, Lau Peng Kai, Jonathan, Mr Low, Keith Hor, Melissa, Rowena Danker and I’m sorry if I left anyone else out but


Ok … Back to work for real now :P

I’m on the … top of the world looking,

Down on creation and the only expectation I can find………


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