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Friday, July 29, 2005

100% Southern European

So I tried many of my vain self-taken pictures on the face analyzer.

After many tries of being analyzed as Faye Wong, I finally tried some other not-so-usual pictures of myself at the face analyzer… and this is what I get.

Never mind that I resemble Zhang Zhiyi and look 100% Southern European with a low Gay factor… and a profession as a Charmer would suit me... But why does Zhang Zhiyi look 100% Southern European?????

Then there’s Uma Thurman… I like her but beta academic??? WTF ??? and and and 95% Chinese???????? WTF ?????????????????

Yes It’s a Friday morning and the bosses are out. I’m just procrastinating, wasting a little time before I actually start doing real work. Been on a Jamie Cullum craze lately… Very energetic and inspiring for a morning kick-start.

I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you

Some get their kicks from cocaine
I'm sure that if I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrifically too
That I get a kick out of you

-I get a kick out of you. Jamie Cullum-

Excellent stuff!

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Look Ma - A Corpse!

Nearly ran over a body yesterday… well it was sprawled in the middle of the fast lane. Would believe it had just happened, and since there weren’t any stalled vehicles, me thinks it was a hit and run case. Called the cops, went along and did my stuff, but I’m still shaking. Imagine running over a dead cat / rat / dog… now imagine running over a human body.

Weekend was pretty much … relaxing. Spend lots of time with him. I think mom suspects something… well since nothing is confirmed between us, I wouldn’t want mom to get the wrong information either. By the way mom has high blood pressure. Sean brought her for a checkup this morning, a pre-requisite for the policy I bought for her. They’ll probably ask for some form of loading – in which case the premium will be more expensive. (Sakitnya saku aku)

Oh yah, do you work in Damansara Perdana? I’d like to find out peak period traffic conditions getting in and out as well as Parking Space availability. We might be moving there, as in moving office there.

Work sucks. Nothing new really… just that same insane woman who drives me up the wall. SIGH :|

Friday, July 22, 2005

Why this now?

March 2005 – discovered pregnancy, went for abortion

July 2005 – discovered pregnancy, contemplating abortion

No Not me.

I just received an sms saying his friend was preggies, AGAIN. WTF is wrong with these people? The girl no doubt is being victimized (by a guy who doesn’t know how to fkkg withdraw) but still, there definitely was ignorance on her part. Cum in me oh baby, oh baby, let me feel you flow deep within me. *barf*

Notice the time distance? She’s now crying because she’s pregnant. What do you want to do? I don’t know! No point asking me! Does he want the baby? Are the both of you ready to become parents? Do you see yourself together in 10 years as a family? Sit down and think of the consequences.

It hurts to see her like this, simply because of her stupidity. No doubt, go for an abortion, kill another innocent life and carry on with life once again. Don’t make the same mistake again. If I’m not mistaken this has been her 4th abortion by far, and she just doesn’t learn.

Not just to her, but to all who have been pregnant/aborted before… you know who you are. It hurts to see you throw junior down the drain. Why even bring him/her into the world in the first place because of ONE NIGHT of passion? Has there not been enough education promoting SAFE SEX?

One abortion after another, thinking it’s the best way out. Kill your health, kill your fertility. Don’t cry 10 years down the road to a doctor asking why you’re infertile? Why are you unable to bear child? What would G~d think of you after killing so many lives? Repent and make it right again. Having sex is not a sin, but if it makes you kill thence after, it is a mortal sin. Think about it, think.

NO not me.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oi How to say NO?

Mch was caught up in a super duper long conversation yesterday and I COULDN’T GO! I hit the lift button 4 times to hint that I was in a freaking hurry and I needed to get the car back to the owner so that he could go home from work (since clever me didn’t leave her car keys for him either) but NO! I was just stuck there for 1 freaking hour listening to someone whine and NO she didn’t let me go!

Fuck I want a better car.

Me graduating this Saturday… I paid RM70 to “rent” a robe I won’t get to keep nor get any part of that RM70 back. Talk about daylight robbery!

3 tickets… mom, sis and Sean are coming.

Dress code: Formal (But it’s a FREAKING SATURDAY MORNING)! Who in their right mind would formally dress up for a 10am function? GEEZUZ

I’m actually not too excited BUT I’m more worried about waking up on time this Saturday. Freak! I got to be there by 8.30am which means I need to drag myself out of bed by 7 to do my hair and face.

So I was getting my daily blog dose whilst dousing bread in Milo. What’s the whole big fuss about everything in blogosphere? Kenny Sia wrote a good comeback (after removing his so-called controversial SPG post) and XiaXue was in today’s In Tech. Poor girl had her blog hacked (yet some people think she deserves it).

There’s a blogathon coming up. Starring Suanie, ShaolinTiger, PeterTan, Paul Tan, Minishorts & Kenny Sia. Pledge! Keep an eye on Bloggers Are Morons.

KY can’t stop blogging about food.

The floor cleaner smells good.

Someone said he misses me. Trust me I melted since he’s NEVER said anything sweet before … see I like him BECAUSE he’s NOT a romantic.

Watched the first 50 minutes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Downloaded the cam since I couldn’t wait). One kid down, 4 to go :) The online version of Harry Pothead was taken off the website but I think I have it saved on cache … Getting a copy from the UK, since it’s so freaking expensive here… but I’ll have to wait.

Busy period starting soon being the later half of the year and all … Sigh!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Queer female driver antics

Queer female driver antics

They just brake. They could be driving down a highway at 80kmph on the fast lane when they BRAKE because they want to slow down to cut to the left.

They just brake. They JAM Brake when they spot a parking spot 100 feet away

They just brake. They JAM Brake when they see a familiar person/car and must talk to that person or at least get that person’s attention.

They just brake. They Brake in front of 7-11 and run down to buy things thinking that well there are no queues in 7-11 and that people would gleefully wait

They just brake. They brake when their phone rings, whether or not they’re on the handsfree.

They just brake… for the fucking sake of braking. Can I break them?

Weekend was good. His birthday was last Thursday and well I didn’t even see him :( well its ok, because we had a weekend birthday celebration … Spicy Nandos Peri Peri, a new wallet … movies … and more for you to imagine (or not)

So I confronted him last night. We were chatting like schoolchildren on MSN and I started asking the silliest of questions. Then there came a point where I touched on the relationship talk and then much thought was revealed and for once we didn’t argue about it.

I slept soundly last night … so soundly I didn’t want to wake up this morning. It’s Tuesday, we had a new Copywriter in yesterday. Cute girl called Sue Ann … my age … if you think I’m bubbly, I HAVE To introduce the PR Gal of the year!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I KNEW it was going to be a good day when I belted out Quando Quando Quando this morning on the Piano, before heading off to work.

Tell me when will you be mine
Tell me quando, quando, quando
We can share a love divine
Please don´t make me wait again


The air was just filled with music. I sang ALL THE WAY to work, cigarette or not, Jam or not … heck nobody pissed me off on the road today (or maybe they did) but I didn’t notice. I was just too happy…

No larh Sean didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend… nobody gave me anything or did anything to me. Can’t I wake up on the right side of the bed and be happy???


I’m GRADUATING. Ok fine, no First Class Honours degree… no Dean’s list or whatever crap. Just my long awaited IAA DIPLOMA! To some people, it’s merely a diploma but let me tell you, this diploma is one that I’m super proud of, one that kept me studying for 3 years.

I owe it to IACT for bringing out the bestest advertising people in Malaysia … honestly. Who needs a degree in advertising? All they need is your brain and the creative juices they produce.

And so I jumped around the office in pure JOY (nearly spraining my ankle when I landed) but nonetheless, I feel like the happiest girl in the world.

I digress. Why am I so happy I graduated? Let’s see… 3 years in an institution doing assignments and pleasing lecturers, learning Intergrated Marketing to Copywriting to Multimedia! I’m telling yea that 30k mom spent for 3 years of studying certainly paid off well.

Agencies prefer IACT Graduates because they are…

- Well trained by industry professionals (Copywriting Gurus, Marketing Gurus, Multimedia Gurus… well you get the drift)

- Street smart and well prepared to face the real advertising world

- Equipped with knowledge of things that matter, not things that are irrelevant

- Practical in applying knowledge of what they’ve learnt, I for one am no longer a bimbo

- Excellent apprentices, because of the creative way they were taught in college

There you go, 5 reasons why you should study at IACT (if you’re interested in advertising lah) or hire IACT graduates. No, IACT is not paying me anything for this, but I feel grateful to this place that made JOJO LOW. So now, send me flowers, send me cards, buy me lunch, CELEBRATE WITH ME!

(I know this is not the academy awards)

Thanks Norza for giving me countless lectures, Shuks for being my messenger, Vicky for being the bestest Tai Kar Che and May for giving me lots of tips.

To Adeline, Joyce Lim, Raymond, Mr Choong, Penny Low, Lawrence Chan, Mr Kadir, Andrew, Puan Rosnah, Benny, Lau Peng Kai, Jonathan, Mr Low, Keith Hor, Melissa, Rowena Danker and I’m sorry if I left anyone else out but


Ok … Back to work for real now :P

I’m on the … top of the world looking,

Down on creation and the only expectation I can find………

Sunday, July 10, 2005


... the weekend came and went so quickly ...

Last night was Satay and Fried un-Halal food in Kajang

Today was work, car wash and floor mop

Later ... well I'm looking forward to meeting up with PennyPupz ... I think she's cute ... plus she reminds me of myself when I was 17 ... cute, bubbly and ... just fkkg adorable. Can i pinch you Penny?????? Please pretty Please ?????????????????????

So bored I've even run out of things to blog about. Honestly ... no general topics, no news, no gossip, no love story, no nothing! Absofkkglutelynothing! Nothingness. I've noticed i have a ranting streak - the urge to just type stupid meaningless nothings!

I absofkkglutely love blogging from Microsoft word because it spell checks in case you haven't noticed the almost flawless spelling and punctutation (and I'm not talking about grammar nor Manglish). However, this post is completely impromptu, with me writing it here in blogspot.

The floor is sparkling clean and smells of ajax fabuloso. That sh*t is darned good ... smells good and all ... even masked the smoke smell off! unfortunately I'm having another cigarette now so the smell will eventually come back. But the floor is still sparkling clean :P

Penny is in Sunway Pyramid doing gawd knows what ... Dree is going to shower and I'm sitting here nekkid wondering what should I wear. There's this chick gathering (apparently) in SS2 murni and that's where we'll be having dinner. I'm starving ...

It's back to work tomorrow. I'm having a good hair day. smells of Clairol Herbal Essences. I give up trying different shampoos. How to please my precious crowning glory? This shampoo tak ngam that shampoo tak ngam so it retaliates by falling. I'll be bald before i reach 50. Damnit.

Jeans and tee shirt. suak ... Come murni see babes k?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror in London

Is it pure irony a staged attack hit London a day after it was announced the official 2012 Olympic host?

So far public transportation in London has been halted and well the public has been adviced not to travel.

News reports can be found on CNN and BBC respectively.

A staged terrorist attack … simultaneous bombings in 6 stations and 2 deaths so far, is it merely the tip of the iceberg? Should we expect more surprises in the near future? Who’s next?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Terrorist invasion?

Like Kim, I had a good feeling about War of the Worlds when it started. I thought hey … Maybe it’s not that bad after all!

In fact, it was so g00d I have nothing more to say about it … apart from the fact Tom Cruise was in it and NO THEY’RE NOT FREAKING TERRORISTS! Dakota Fanning is irritatingly good.

Exam was ok … will possibly pass this time around … since I actually answered more than averagely tee hee. Thanks for the links Tiger … Educated me abit more :)

Headed to 1U for some lunch and window shopping before spending 7 friggin bucks for an unworthy WOTW.

No I didn’t go to work today and all I can’t imagine how much ONE DAY’s backlog would amount to … no no … Kenot imagine! Bah! Rant rant rant … and I don’t even do it well enough. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bah! More Humbugs

I just realized that my blog turned one on Sunday, June 2... Well happy birthday fuchsialowe.blogspot.com. Here's to many more birthdays and lots of posts to come. Cheers to blogging. Boo Hoo

No big deal. I'm just a small piggy in this BIG Blogosphere right?

Rant Rant Rant, that's all I'm good at.

Jess quit smoking.

I failed the same paper twice and I don't know whether i'll pass it this time around. Bah! Consumer behaviour ... NO it's not that easy to crap my way through ... I actually need to study the hard facts. Sien

Work... what about work?

Bah. In a bad mood now. Happy Birthday.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pig Sty

Clothes strewn all over the floor, on the bed, chairs and doors… bags sitting on every corner of the room, cigarette ashes here and there, tsunami-hit wardrobe, dusty written on dust-coated surfaces, a strand of hair on every floor tile …. Welcome to my room.

I’ve never been neat. My room is literally a pig sty. I’ve been like this since I had my own room at 10. ARGH

Age is catching up with me. I’ve started to realize the meaning of untidiness.


I, Jojo Low… pledge to mop the floor every weekend with AJAX Fabuloso without being told. I also pledge to make my bed every morning (even if it means pulling up my comforter to cover whatever beneath it) the moment I get out of bed. A cloth and pail will be used to wipe any dust off, as and when they gather. There will be organization in my room, with a proper place for everything. My wardrobe will be colour coordinated, and my bags will be labeled according to occasion, type, colour and material.

I will empty all ashtrays every 2 days, and throw every empty mineral water bottle. Paper and plastic bags will strictly be placed in one big paper bag, with the condition that they are folded or pressed neatly. Not a single strand of hair is to be visible on the beige floor. The floor, MUST be shiny and spotless. There are to be no more than TWO towels hanging on the chair at any one time. No more than 3 clothing articles are to be visible out of the wardrobe. Every single bag must be put away in the appropriate place.

Banned items:-

  1. Newspapers older than 1 day
  2. Magazines older than 2 months
  3. Empty bottles/tubes/cartons/ANYTHING
  4. All sorts of FOOD, with the exception of water
  5. Any expired item
  6. Dust and cigarette ashes
  7. Any item that is TO BE disposed off
  8. Bedsheets older than 1 week

If I am caught disregarding or breaking any of the above, I will be sentenced to stiffer, harsher household chores.

Jojo Low, 2 July 2005