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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Watery Eyes

No I’m not crying.

Mom says the air is bad. My nose has been twitching NON STOP since yesterday. Got home from work at 6.30pm and knocked out till 6.30am today. My nose is still twitching.

Clarityne didn’t quite work so I took a dose of Clarinase today. Still twitching.

See a doctor? Pay 50 bucks to have a thermometer stuck into your mouth, blood pressure gauge pumping your arm and doctor asking a million and two questions? Thanks but no thanks. My claims only cover RM50 per 3 months or RM200 per year. Sad uh? If I don’t get better after the 3rd day I WILL see a doctor. If I get well, I save some money and some trouble.

At least I don’t feel as shitty. Sleep did me some good … although mom panicked last night thinking I fainted in my sleep coz apparently I didn’t hear her bang the door down. Received some 3 missed calls from faggot and another from Margie. Was KNOCKED OUT.

I hate seeing doctors. No offence to doctors out there but I HATE SEEING DOCTORS. I don’t like paying hefty fees to do what I mentioned in Para 2, even if he was a SUPER LENG CHAI. I also hate seeing doctors coz I have this habit of pinning them down with 101 questions. Some people take a good 3 minutes per consultation. I take at least 10 minutes. Maximizing that bloody RM20 consultation fee.

Now I’m hungry. Had some breakfast but it’s already time for lunch. What should it be today? Set lunch at Castle restaurant again perhaps? Well Perhaps!