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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Ravishing a yummy slice of Banana Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe. Went there to book a cake for Mommy’s birthday tomorrow. Was spoilt for choice, since I can’t decide on what’s best. Ended up calling Chiq, Jess, Sister and Mom herself before deciding on the Chocolate Cheese.

Dinner cum family gathering cum welcome home/Goodbye aunt celebration will be held in Paris tomorrow night, where I’ll see a rather estranged (pilot) cousin, bald uncles and their pretty younger wives, and of course my mother and her sister.

No lah I’m not flying to Paris – Paris, but more like SS2 Paris.

Just had a good laugh watching a few videos at Wimp. Farking farnee videos. Got the link from Simmie.

So I’ve signed up for the pps bash. Hope to see you guys there. Luvs.