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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sin City

Superb show with lots of gore and lots of babes.

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Set in a fictionous BA-Sin City, The show starts in the beginning, runs to the end before coming back to the middle. Jessica Alba plays Nancy Callahan, a skinny kid who was kidnapped by Junior, a serial child rapist and murderer. Hartigan (Bruce Willis) is a straight cop who was running after Junior’s ass.

And so lives are saved, women are found dead and bodiless, there’s an alien, an ogre (well he looks like one) and many other invincible people. Then there are hookers with guns… no not the third leg gun but real guns.

Overall, the story is just too long and complicated for me to shorten… I just feel it makes a good watch with a fair mixture of a pretty cast (read Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Devon Aoki, Jessica Alba, Jaime King) and rather unique cinematography (with the show mainly in Black and White).

Read up more HERE.

Was on MC today, woke up in the morning sneezing like a cow and had a sore nose. Doc says it’s just sore … so I stayed home most of the day, just going out for dinner and a little grocery shopping with Jess.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Charlie’s Place! Ciao ~~


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