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Friday, June 03, 2005

More Meme

1. You are asked to write and star in your own Sit-Com (Situation Comedy). What is it called, what is it about and what is your character like?
My own sitcom would be called ‘The Night Life’. In it, I play a music teacher by day and a Mama San by night. Why the contrast? See both are occupations I enjoy/would enjoy. I play me, Jojo, the twenty-something geek by day, party animal by night. It would evolve around my life, people I deal with and things I do… I’ll think about it and write about it later ;) Think of it as … alter-ego.

2. The World Wildlife Fund decides in order to stop animals going extinct everyone on earth must adopt a wild animal and care for it. Which endangered species will you adopt and help raise?
I would raise a … PANDA! They’re one of the cutest things in the world! Plus... they're Chinese right?

3. You win Malaysian Idol and get given a group of musicians to be your backing band. What style of music will you choose to follow?
JAZZ! Maybe a little fusion here and there but JAZZ. Malaysians are a little laid back when it comes to jazz. There’s no hype, no major interest in jazz. People know jazz is nice but they don’t follow. I want to be the Malaysian Fitzgerald! Ok maybe Diana Krall… then I can play the piano AND sing… hope you get my drift.

4. For your one hundredth birthday your grandchildren have bought you a trip into space. You have a choice, a space station hotel orbiting Earth, the hotel on the moon or the hotel on Mars. Which Hotel do you choose to go to and why? (Don't worry, by the time you get to 100, you will still be young. It'll be us 200 year olds who are old!)
The space station hotel orbiting Earth. Can use binoculars to spy on my hubby down there :P

5. You are a Princess who has been locked in a high tower with a dragon guarding the moat. Do you wait for a handsome prince to come rescue you, or do you escape on your own (risking the dragon) ?
Um … I think I’ll never get out if I waited. I suppose I’d just find an invisible cloak ala Harry Pothead and dodge the dragon. Or … I’ll just find a rifle, stone, spear, parang, pepper spray … whichever it takes to kill or distract the danged thing.


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