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Sunday, June 05, 2005

A moment in history

A crazy thought came to mind this morning, as I was teaching. I’ve decided to TRY and make history by getting married on my birthday to a guy with the same birthday on the 10.10.10

Wacky? Come to think of it … I’m 22 this year and 27 is indeed the ideal marrying age for me. Furthermore, it can’t be that difficult to find a person with the same birthday since I do have an ex boyfriend who shares the same birthday.

If all goes well, I’ll just plan aside and book the hotel a year before and IF I can’t find a groom of the same birthday, I’ll just find some tom, dick or harry to marry anyway… a wedding to remember mah.

I also dreamt of an elaborate church wedding so looking at the above mentioned … Perhaps the service could start at 10.10am. Judging from Malaysian time, maybe the wedding banquet can also officially begin at 10.10pm!!!

It’s going to be a night of 10s. People who have the same birthday will receive royalty treatment, a table of their own and FREE entrance to the dinner! Plus, they get to cut the cake with the bride and groom. Who knows, we may even throw in a 10 days stay on the 10th floor of the hotel in the room no 10.

Back to reality … what do you think the chances of me getting this “idea” come true? Would I actually make history? Quick hook me up with people born on the 10th of October (and also … remember my birthday yah!!!)


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