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Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Mommy

Mom turns 60 today. Imagine … she’s 60 and I’m 22… she had me when she was almost 40! OMG. Well the story as told to me was that… Mom wasn’t able to conceive after my sister. Good for people who don’t want accidents but in this case, mom was hoping and praying and trying for another one. Doctors were convinced there was no hope and my sister was almost happiest so a miracle happened and I popped out.

She was a meanie! It was understandable…. Since at 15, she thought she would be the princess but no, I just had to come along. If that’s not mean enough, I was the total pain in the ass. I still am… but no matter what I’m still the little sister and she loves me hehe.

Dinner in Paris tonight. How lovely =)

Finally reached a decision. I’m getting mom an insurance policy… well to me It’s some form of assurance for mom (since she doesn’t have a policy yet) and it won’t cost that much. Worst comes to worse I’ll get my sis to share… but yeah. An insurance policy.

Love you lots mom!


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