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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Damnit I don’t have a digital camera if not I would have taken LOADS of yummy fishball pictures from our Steamboat last night.

Mom loves preparing a Steamboat when there’s a small crowd. The main course was fishballs. Yes that’s all … fishball. There was a fair amount of squid too… but the main course was still fishballs.

I promise you Margie we’ll have a fishball steamboat party soon. VERY soon in the NEAR future. How about this Saturday? Will you be around? We’ll gather the GIRLS and have a fishball party. I know you love fishballs, so does Jessica… you BOTH love fishballs very much. I love fish cake, Sotong loves … well sotong loves sotong.

Okok enough of fishballs. I’ll throw in some fcuk and lots of vege. And maybe some crabs and prawns. No? Ok then we’ll have fish noodles!!! Not forgetting the quail eggs and tofu… things my mom disapproves of. But we’ll have fun right? Right ????? Oh man I can’t wait. Fishball party. Woo Hoo. Margie, Jess, Sotong, FA, Mandy, Suanie, KY, Faggot, Galvin, Matt, Jons and whoever else I missed out we’re gonna Party like it’s your fish day!

Cheers to FISH BALLS.

Excuse moi for the temporary insanity.

Translasi - Fcuk = Foo Chook = Beancurd Skin


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