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Monday, June 13, 2005

Diary of a pig

I’ve been sleeping too much… or maybe I was simply catching up on sleep. Company declared a holiday on Saturday, since a few colleagues were on leave. Seized the chance to sleep a little longer but no, slept an early 12am on Friday and woke up at 8. Yes, I screamed WTF at myself. Bodoh kan?

Woke mom up and got her to send me to the service center. Uh-huh, mileage hitting 10k already. Sean came over for a bit, and left in the afternoon. Watched Madagascar, and knocked out in between till 6 or so when Desmond called. Ended up at Rajus for some scrumptiously yummy roti canai. Sat there till some 9pm or so. Went home, watched beauty shop and knocked out.

Sunday – first 2 students ffk. Didn’t go back to sleep though … lounged around and chatted with mom then went to teach. Did think of popping by Mid Valley to join the bloggers meet but decided against it since I didn’t have that much time after all. Came back, slept. Mopped the floor, went to Sean’s place, watched 2 Chinese shows, came home and knocked out.

Didn’t want to wake up this morning.

Sneezing like MAD now. Nose can’t stop itching and twitching. Not funny at all. Popped a Clarityne, sister of Clarinase (since the pharmacy didn’t have stock) but my nose is still twitching. Feel like chopping it off. God save me L


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