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Thursday, June 09, 2005


So many days have passed and it’s ONLY a freaking Thursday.

Matt called me this morning asking for directions to the police station in Sri Petaling. His car was broken into. Poor thing :( Maybe it’s not the loss of the valuables inside it but the broken glass on a 3 month old car … very saddening.

Oh well, I’ve had my share of car break-in. My 120Y wasn’t let off the hook when I once cleverly placed an empty phone box on the back seat. My car was OBVIOUSLY raided but they didn’t need to break any glass for that (as the doors can be opened pretty easily). Simply said, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES VISIBLE ON YOUR CAR SEAT EVEN IF IT’S JUST FOR 5 MINUTES!

The busy period has started once again. Then again, I’m constantly busy… with SOME breathing space occasionally. Like I said earlier, I’m a workaholic wannabe.

Good Luck Margie for your exams.

I wonder what today brings. By the looks of this slow morning, I’ll be having a rather slow start to a busy day. Client keeps forwarding forwards to me, some bring a little smile.

Oh well, It’s a THURSDAY after all :)


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