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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Air-Borne Lifestyle

With the Malaysian weather and Malaysian air quality and the Malaysian lifestyle, isn’t it a pleasant surprise to see many people falling sick?

My sister was down with it last week; my friends are down with it and now me… the cycle never seems to end. How on earth do we overcome this problem?

I bet you doc and doctors must be laughing their way to heaven with the over-abundant supply of sniffling patients coming in for their MCs. What to do?

Late nights at work, irregular meal and sleep times, midnight supper, air conditioning, dusty rooms … familiarities for a youth my age. Whilst lying in bed these 2 torturous nights, I pondered upon my weakness and why I’m sick. Then mom’s words struck me like a broken chord on the piano – lifestyle.

Is this how we youth should live our lives? Late nights out in the mamak eating and drinking sugar and cholesterol rich foods. Friday & Saturday nights boozing the night away in a dingy, smoky, enclosed sauna? Working 9-5 (on average) indoors trapped inside filthy air conditioned enclosures?

During one of my visits to the doctor, I asked her how I can overcome my sinus problem. She did say it’s difficult in Malaysia thanks to our quality of air and our “need” for air conditioning.

My solution? Find a 9-5 job, constantly wear a face mask, do breathing exercises morning, noon and night, sleep at 10, wake up at 6, go for a jog in the morning/evening, yoga/aerobics once a week, give up smoking, give up drinking, invest in Lampe Berger, no more misai, have more sex, watch movies at home ... basically be a homebody. The best.

Apologies for my rantings. Happens when I’m sick with nothing else to think about.


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