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Saturday, June 25, 2005

10 reasons to watch Initial D

Based on the manga, and later the anime, Initial D is set to be on top of the Malaysian box office for a while to come.

10 reasons why this RM10 is worth it

  1. It’s got teenage heartthrobs
  2. It’s got fast cars
  3. It doesn't have a boring storyline
  4. Jordan Chan is so damn cute
  5. Anne Suzuki is pretty… pretty young, naïve, innocent but very Hiau
  6. The cars are nice
  7. Downhill drifting is super cool
  8. It’s in Chinese (with Malay and England subtitles)
  9. It's so damn real
  10. Jay Chou plays Takumi pretty well. Quiet, lost in his own world.
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So yeah that’s my 10 cents worth of why you should watch initial D. I wasn’t much of a fan of the anime but I did catch up a little on the 4th stage.

In summary, the RM10 spent was worthwhile. I went in without expectations and I came out satisfied. There wasn’t much special effect or maybe none at all. The drifting was very real and GEEZ those racing lines … the drifts … all I can say is graceful.

“In this world, there is a god. God exists because he can do things man can’t do. You are the God”

-Itsuki Tachibana to Takumi Fujiwara-

Before you go and watch it, my advice is to be ultra safe the moment you exit the cinema car park. Why? Chances are people will be inspired by the movie and TRY to be drifters. We foresee an increase of road accidents in the next few weeks, with many rash young drivers trying to immitate what they watch (prolly in Genting)

Drive safely. Wanna drift? There's a circuit for it.

Have a good weekend ahead!

Ps: Note to Malaysians ... the movie is currently un-available in GSC cinemas. Word is, this show is sold out in most TGV Cinemas untill 1st July 2005. Good luck.

Translasi: Hiau = flirtatious


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