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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MCH! Petrol Increase AGAIN

Just received an SMS saying petrol is going up once again. Need to fill up both the food and fuel tanks so why not just drop by the kiosk eh? Can judge the credibility of the sms when I reach the kiosk.

Air-Borne Lifestyle

With the Malaysian weather and Malaysian air quality and the Malaysian lifestyle, isn’t it a pleasant surprise to see many people falling sick?

My sister was down with it last week; my friends are down with it and now me… the cycle never seems to end. How on earth do we overcome this problem?

I bet you doc and doctors must be laughing their way to heaven with the over-abundant supply of sniffling patients coming in for their MCs. What to do?

Late nights at work, irregular meal and sleep times, midnight supper, air conditioning, dusty rooms … familiarities for a youth my age. Whilst lying in bed these 2 torturous nights, I pondered upon my weakness and why I’m sick. Then mom’s words struck me like a broken chord on the piano – lifestyle.

Is this how we youth should live our lives? Late nights out in the mamak eating and drinking sugar and cholesterol rich foods. Friday & Saturday nights boozing the night away in a dingy, smoky, enclosed sauna? Working 9-5 (on average) indoors trapped inside filthy air conditioned enclosures?

During one of my visits to the doctor, I asked her how I can overcome my sinus problem. She did say it’s difficult in Malaysia thanks to our quality of air and our “need” for air conditioning.

My solution? Find a 9-5 job, constantly wear a face mask, do breathing exercises morning, noon and night, sleep at 10, wake up at 6, go for a jog in the morning/evening, yoga/aerobics once a week, give up smoking, give up drinking, invest in Lampe Berger, no more misai, have more sex, watch movies at home ... basically be a homebody. The best.

Apologies for my rantings. Happens when I’m sick with nothing else to think about.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

See sex in everything?

Clever manipulations of objects to create a certain sensuality.

Feast the eyes :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

And so it began

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Batman was so-so. The storyline … well basically, it’s the introduction to Batman, how it all started. I will not tell a story. Go google it up yourself.

First 1 hour was rather draggy, with the historical bits of kids and bats, dead parents, multi-million fortunes ….

The action started when the cool gear came out. That’s when batman actually began.

So there’s lots of bombing and ass-whooping, guns and police.

The ending was ok. I suppose now that the first episode is out of the way, I wonder when we can expect the sequel.

Overall, I’d say 6 out of 10.

So the weekend was just movies, and lots of time with Sean. I’m beginning to get the skip-a-beat heart, butterflies in my stomach thing once again. Is it for real?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

10 reasons to watch Initial D

Based on the manga, and later the anime, Initial D is set to be on top of the Malaysian box office for a while to come.

10 reasons why this RM10 is worth it

  1. It’s got teenage heartthrobs
  2. It’s got fast cars
  3. It doesn't have a boring storyline
  4. Jordan Chan is so damn cute
  5. Anne Suzuki is pretty… pretty young, naïve, innocent but very Hiau
  6. The cars are nice
  7. Downhill drifting is super cool
  8. It’s in Chinese (with Malay and England subtitles)
  9. It's so damn real
  10. Jay Chou plays Takumi pretty well. Quiet, lost in his own world.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So yeah that’s my 10 cents worth of why you should watch initial D. I wasn’t much of a fan of the anime but I did catch up a little on the 4th stage.

In summary, the RM10 spent was worthwhile. I went in without expectations and I came out satisfied. There wasn’t much special effect or maybe none at all. The drifting was very real and GEEZ those racing lines … the drifts … all I can say is graceful.

“In this world, there is a god. God exists because he can do things man can’t do. You are the God”

-Itsuki Tachibana to Takumi Fujiwara-

Before you go and watch it, my advice is to be ultra safe the moment you exit the cinema car park. Why? Chances are people will be inspired by the movie and TRY to be drifters. We foresee an increase of road accidents in the next few weeks, with many rash young drivers trying to immitate what they watch (prolly in Genting)

Drive safely. Wanna drift? There's a circuit for it.

Have a good weekend ahead!

Ps: Note to Malaysians ... the movie is currently un-available in GSC cinemas. Word is, this show is sold out in most TGV Cinemas untill 1st July 2005. Good luck.

Translasi: Hiau = flirtatious

Friday, June 24, 2005

The mysterious air at the bash

I sat in my car, waiting for friends and familiar people to turn up. Charlie’s Place wasn't too difficult to find, although some people called me up for directions. But we all found the place, and we all tried to mingle. It was amazing really, these people we call bloggers... Colourful, funny and literate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera so I’ll just wait for everyone to upload their pictures and whore from them.


Mysterious, really. FA was extra eager to meet this phantom dude… he reads blogs and leaves sarcastic comments on them. I’m starting to wonder… is he an alter ego of some sort? Doc didn’t turn up (or DID HE?) since nobody (well not that I know of) knows who he is.

Whilst sitting there, at table 8, surrounded by babes, KY, GOD and the likes, it dawned on me that I’m no longer that particular bubbly Jo when I’m surrounded by people. I used to not give a damn and just talk to ANYONE but now… I see a person’s face, see his nametag and then stalk his blog. WTH???

Virtual space has made me an introvert. I speak better with a keyboard. This is not happening to me. Bah! ANYWAY…

I’m glad to have finally met (or seen) people like Jeff Ooi (of Berita Harian fame), Aizuddin, Mack, Kenny Sia (sans coconuts), Huai Bin, Pok Ku, Peter Tan, Paul Tan (the car reviewer) and many more people whom I didn’t quite meet (or see) …. Well PPS is flooding with pings. Everyone’s giving their account on the superb night.

Maybe next year will be bigger and better, with long tables that can seat 20 each. Anyhow, Happy Birthday PPS. Cheers to many more birthdays to come!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sin City

Superb show with lots of gore and lots of babes.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Set in a fictionous BA-Sin City, The show starts in the beginning, runs to the end before coming back to the middle. Jessica Alba plays Nancy Callahan, a skinny kid who was kidnapped by Junior, a serial child rapist and murderer. Hartigan (Bruce Willis) is a straight cop who was running after Junior’s ass.

And so lives are saved, women are found dead and bodiless, there’s an alien, an ogre (well he looks like one) and many other invincible people. Then there are hookers with guns… no not the third leg gun but real guns.

Overall, the story is just too long and complicated for me to shorten… I just feel it makes a good watch with a fair mixture of a pretty cast (read Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Devon Aoki, Jessica Alba, Jaime King) and rather unique cinematography (with the show mainly in Black and White).

Read up more HERE.

Was on MC today, woke up in the morning sneezing like a cow and had a sore nose. Doc says it’s just sore … so I stayed home most of the day, just going out for dinner and a little grocery shopping with Jess.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Charlie’s Place! Ciao ~~

Monday, June 20, 2005

summer sauna

How was your father’s day?

Ahhhh a shower never felt this good before. Even the stuffiness in The Loft wasn’t bad enough to compete with Summit’s Summer Sauna Parking Bay.

This weekend was rather eventful and I’m saddened by the fact that all good things must come to an end (eventually). After dinner on Friday, went over to Sean’s place. Ended up falling asleep and didn’t wake up till 9 the next morning. We went for expensive breakfast and he sent me home (and took off with my Mocha), and slept a little more.

Matthias and Jocelyn came by around 2 or so and we went to send his car to the service center. Spent a good 2 hours there before heading to Giant for a bottle of AJAX Fabuloso. Came home and mopped the floor and subsequently getting the jingle stuck in my head (up till now).

Good thing I mopped the floor as Sean’s mom popped by to use the toilet before we went down to KL. See… there was this TVB concert staged in Bukit Bintang and the more famous artistes were Alan Tam and Hacken Lee. Parked in Brickfields and took the monorail down. Stood at the BB/Sultan Ismail crossroad for some 10 minutes before deciding that we won’t be part of the statistics.

Ended up in Times Square. Visited Borders, browsed for nothing in particular. Saw Peter Tan there but was too chicken to say hi since I didn’t want to make a complete fool of myself (as we’ve not been officially introduced).

Headed back to SS2 for dinner, and sent Sean home. Met up with Jess and Ji for a few drinks in SS15 before heading to Loft for harder drinks.

Woke up in time for work after a mere 5 hours of sleep. Surprisingly, none of my students got me sleepy enough to doze off during class!

Facial was at 6pm in 1U. Met up with Jess the hot for dinner in SS15 and went to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith at Summit (which now explains the Sauna).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And so the day was saved thanks to quality time spent with him.

Oh as for the movie ….

Not a bad movie after all. Angelina Jolie was naturally hot but Brad Pitt honestly… looks older. Come to think of it, I never was his fan anyway. Details HERE. I give it 7 out of 10 stars. Pleasurable indeed.

Sweet Dreams

P/S: check this website out HERE. Frigging Farnee.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Was reading viewtru's blog when I came across his 3 sentence post :-

Hot Babe and I went for a movie last weekend.

The cinema was freaking cold and I've been thinking about this phenomenon all week:

Why does the cold make my dick shrink, but makes Hot Babe's nips erect?

Then I recalled this picture my boss mailed me 10 minutes ago.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

shrinking balls. thats what the air-conditioning does.

enjoy the weekend. Paris was wonderfully scrumptious.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Mom turns 60 today. Imagine … she’s 60 and I’m 22… she had me when she was almost 40! OMG. Well the story as told to me was that… Mom wasn’t able to conceive after my sister. Good for people who don’t want accidents but in this case, mom was hoping and praying and trying for another one. Doctors were convinced there was no hope and my sister was almost happiest so a miracle happened and I popped out.

She was a meanie! It was understandable…. Since at 15, she thought she would be the princess but no, I just had to come along. If that’s not mean enough, I was the total pain in the ass. I still am… but no matter what I’m still the little sister and she loves me hehe.

Dinner in Paris tonight. How lovely =)

Finally reached a decision. I’m getting mom an insurance policy… well to me It’s some form of assurance for mom (since she doesn’t have a policy yet) and it won’t cost that much. Worst comes to worse I’ll get my sis to share… but yeah. An insurance policy.

Love you lots mom!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Ravishing a yummy slice of Banana Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe. Went there to book a cake for Mommy’s birthday tomorrow. Was spoilt for choice, since I can’t decide on what’s best. Ended up calling Chiq, Jess, Sister and Mom herself before deciding on the Chocolate Cheese.

Dinner cum family gathering cum welcome home/Goodbye aunt celebration will be held in Paris tomorrow night, where I’ll see a rather estranged (pilot) cousin, bald uncles and their pretty younger wives, and of course my mother and her sister.

No lah I’m not flying to Paris – Paris, but more like SS2 Paris.

Just had a good laugh watching a few videos at Wimp. Farking farnee videos. Got the link from Simmie.

So I’ve signed up for the pps bash. Hope to see you guys there. Luvs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Damnit I don’t have a digital camera if not I would have taken LOADS of yummy fishball pictures from our Steamboat last night.

Mom loves preparing a Steamboat when there’s a small crowd. The main course was fishballs. Yes that’s all … fishball. There was a fair amount of squid too… but the main course was still fishballs.

I promise you Margie we’ll have a fishball steamboat party soon. VERY soon in the NEAR future. How about this Saturday? Will you be around? We’ll gather the GIRLS and have a fishball party. I know you love fishballs, so does Jessica… you BOTH love fishballs very much. I love fish cake, Sotong loves … well sotong loves sotong.

Okok enough of fishballs. I’ll throw in some fcuk and lots of vege. And maybe some crabs and prawns. No? Ok then we’ll have fish noodles!!! Not forgetting the quail eggs and tofu… things my mom disapproves of. But we’ll have fun right? Right ????? Oh man I can’t wait. Fishball party. Woo Hoo. Margie, Jess, Sotong, FA, Mandy, Suanie, KY, Faggot, Galvin, Matt, Jons and whoever else I missed out we’re gonna Party like it’s your fish day!

Cheers to FISH BALLS.

Excuse moi for the temporary insanity.

Translasi - Fcuk = Foo Chook = Beancurd Skin

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Watery Eyes

No I’m not crying.

Mom says the air is bad. My nose has been twitching NON STOP since yesterday. Got home from work at 6.30pm and knocked out till 6.30am today. My nose is still twitching.

Clarityne didn’t quite work so I took a dose of Clarinase today. Still twitching.

See a doctor? Pay 50 bucks to have a thermometer stuck into your mouth, blood pressure gauge pumping your arm and doctor asking a million and two questions? Thanks but no thanks. My claims only cover RM50 per 3 months or RM200 per year. Sad uh? If I don’t get better after the 3rd day I WILL see a doctor. If I get well, I save some money and some trouble.

At least I don’t feel as shitty. Sleep did me some good … although mom panicked last night thinking I fainted in my sleep coz apparently I didn’t hear her bang the door down. Received some 3 missed calls from faggot and another from Margie. Was KNOCKED OUT.

I hate seeing doctors. No offence to doctors out there but I HATE SEEING DOCTORS. I don’t like paying hefty fees to do what I mentioned in Para 2, even if he was a SUPER LENG CHAI. I also hate seeing doctors coz I have this habit of pinning them down with 101 questions. Some people take a good 3 minutes per consultation. I take at least 10 minutes. Maximizing that bloody RM20 consultation fee.

Now I’m hungry. Had some breakfast but it’s already time for lunch. What should it be today? Set lunch at Castle restaurant again perhaps? Well Perhaps!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Diary of a pig

I’ve been sleeping too much… or maybe I was simply catching up on sleep. Company declared a holiday on Saturday, since a few colleagues were on leave. Seized the chance to sleep a little longer but no, slept an early 12am on Friday and woke up at 8. Yes, I screamed WTF at myself. Bodoh kan?

Woke mom up and got her to send me to the service center. Uh-huh, mileage hitting 10k already. Sean came over for a bit, and left in the afternoon. Watched Madagascar, and knocked out in between till 6 or so when Desmond called. Ended up at Rajus for some scrumptiously yummy roti canai. Sat there till some 9pm or so. Went home, watched beauty shop and knocked out.

Sunday – first 2 students ffk. Didn’t go back to sleep though … lounged around and chatted with mom then went to teach. Did think of popping by Mid Valley to join the bloggers meet but decided against it since I didn’t have that much time after all. Came back, slept. Mopped the floor, went to Sean’s place, watched 2 Chinese shows, came home and knocked out.

Didn’t want to wake up this morning.

Sneezing like MAD now. Nose can’t stop itching and twitching. Not funny at all. Popped a Clarityne, sister of Clarinase (since the pharmacy didn’t have stock) but my nose is still twitching. Feel like chopping it off. God save me L

Thursday, June 09, 2005


So many days have passed and it’s ONLY a freaking Thursday.

Matt called me this morning asking for directions to the police station in Sri Petaling. His car was broken into. Poor thing :( Maybe it’s not the loss of the valuables inside it but the broken glass on a 3 month old car … very saddening.

Oh well, I’ve had my share of car break-in. My 120Y wasn’t let off the hook when I once cleverly placed an empty phone box on the back seat. My car was OBVIOUSLY raided but they didn’t need to break any glass for that (as the doors can be opened pretty easily). Simply said, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES VISIBLE ON YOUR CAR SEAT EVEN IF IT’S JUST FOR 5 MINUTES!

The busy period has started once again. Then again, I’m constantly busy… with SOME breathing space occasionally. Like I said earlier, I’m a workaholic wannabe.

Good Luck Margie for your exams.

I wonder what today brings. By the looks of this slow morning, I’ll be having a rather slow start to a busy day. Client keeps forwarding forwards to me, some bring a little smile.

Oh well, It’s a THURSDAY after all :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


D’Blog by Daibido. He passed me this meme so I guessed he was meme-ed so I checked out his site for some answer tips… Au Naturel :P

Because I’m a chick and I put pictures of Chicks in my blog (well SOMETIMES)

Dear You … a piece of my mind

KY – The PwN

Suanie – My Bia*ch

Shaolin Tiger – The best-est Malaysian Gwailo

Fuckstress – She RAWKS

The Hustler – Farking Farnee Can?

Many Many more I'd like to list but meme only sez 5 so 5 it is!

Um… addicted? Ok even IF they ARE addicted, It would be because they love reading thoughts of a super shallow me. Tee Hee Hee

I am now passing this baton to the following five people and they MUST do the same holier-than-thou meme:
1. Wussy
2. M@Rgie
3. Stan @ MyCre8tivity
4. Kimberly the Cunnest
5. Simmie

Monday, June 06, 2005


It is a SIN! Promotions and Sales are SINS! They’re EVIL! Don’t listen to the LESS 50%! Do not pass Go. Do not Collect 200 bucks. Fuck I’m a sucker.

I made history … by purchasing my VERY FIRST cosmetic set … … … I was suckered into the realm of BEAUTY, apparently the thing that makes us women beautiful. Watodo, I have sucky complexion. It took me 10 minutes to figure out whether or not to buy that Less 50% top (which totalled up to RM25) but only 2 minutes to convince me to part with RM180 for that bloody set. Bah! Should have only withdrew RM50! :|

1 hour was all it took for me to learn so much about my super-unhealthy skin. I glow and radiate like a sunflower when I’m happy and look like lalang when I’m in a bad mood. Heck I could have had 2 hours of sleep and yet I can glow but when I get 7 hours of sleep and wake up with a backache I can look worse than my bum.

Not to mention another pair of shoes and a top that doesn’t even match. Sigh … SINS! Bless me father for I have sinned. Yay now I can go on a major diet! Mwahahahahhahaha

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A moment in history

A crazy thought came to mind this morning, as I was teaching. I’ve decided to TRY and make history by getting married on my birthday to a guy with the same birthday on the 10.10.10

Wacky? Come to think of it … I’m 22 this year and 27 is indeed the ideal marrying age for me. Furthermore, it can’t be that difficult to find a person with the same birthday since I do have an ex boyfriend who shares the same birthday.

If all goes well, I’ll just plan aside and book the hotel a year before and IF I can’t find a groom of the same birthday, I’ll just find some tom, dick or harry to marry anyway… a wedding to remember mah.

I also dreamt of an elaborate church wedding so looking at the above mentioned … Perhaps the service could start at 10.10am. Judging from Malaysian time, maybe the wedding banquet can also officially begin at 10.10pm!!!

It’s going to be a night of 10s. People who have the same birthday will receive royalty treatment, a table of their own and FREE entrance to the dinner! Plus, they get to cut the cake with the bride and groom. Who knows, we may even throw in a 10 days stay on the 10th floor of the hotel in the room no 10.

Back to reality … what do you think the chances of me getting this “idea” come true? Would I actually make history? Quick hook me up with people born on the 10th of October (and also … remember my birthday yah!!!)

Friday, June 03, 2005

More Meme

1. You are asked to write and star in your own Sit-Com (Situation Comedy). What is it called, what is it about and what is your character like?
My own sitcom would be called ‘The Night Life’. In it, I play a music teacher by day and a Mama San by night. Why the contrast? See both are occupations I enjoy/would enjoy. I play me, Jojo, the twenty-something geek by day, party animal by night. It would evolve around my life, people I deal with and things I do… I’ll think about it and write about it later ;) Think of it as … alter-ego.

2. The World Wildlife Fund decides in order to stop animals going extinct everyone on earth must adopt a wild animal and care for it. Which endangered species will you adopt and help raise?
I would raise a … PANDA! They’re one of the cutest things in the world! Plus... they're Chinese right?

3. You win Malaysian Idol and get given a group of musicians to be your backing band. What style of music will you choose to follow?
JAZZ! Maybe a little fusion here and there but JAZZ. Malaysians are a little laid back when it comes to jazz. There’s no hype, no major interest in jazz. People know jazz is nice but they don’t follow. I want to be the Malaysian Fitzgerald! Ok maybe Diana Krall… then I can play the piano AND sing… hope you get my drift.

4. For your one hundredth birthday your grandchildren have bought you a trip into space. You have a choice, a space station hotel orbiting Earth, the hotel on the moon or the hotel on Mars. Which Hotel do you choose to go to and why? (Don't worry, by the time you get to 100, you will still be young. It'll be us 200 year olds who are old!)
The space station hotel orbiting Earth. Can use binoculars to spy on my hubby down there :P

5. You are a Princess who has been locked in a high tower with a dragon guarding the moat. Do you wait for a handsome prince to come rescue you, or do you escape on your own (risking the dragon) ?
Um … I think I’ll never get out if I waited. I suppose I’d just find an invisible cloak ala Harry Pothead and dodge the dragon. Or … I’ll just find a rifle, stone, spear, parang, pepper spray … whichever it takes to kill or distract the danged thing.