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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Workaholic Wannabe

Imagine 10 calls coming in after 5.30 symbolizing 10 more tasks that need to be achieved adding to my already lagging schedule.

The past two nights have been late-nighters and I honestly hope I’ll get to finish early tonight, early tonight meaning I’ll get to go off right after my evening appointment.

Why do clients absolutely love giving you work at 5.30pm and then throw back the ball the next day saying “But I already told you YESTERDAY! 1 Day is more than enough!!!” And then I go into a fit and start strangling people around me. Fuck!

My poor new colleagues didn’t even have the time to say “I’m NEW” before being thrown into this realm of torturing overtime on their second day. My sinuses are acting up again and the weather is not being very helpful by dragging me out of bed on a cloudy day.

The only textbook I’m currently reading can only provide sufficient bedtime stories, long enough to last 3 pages before knocking me out back into the world of reality though in dreamland. Heck the biggest sign of stress is me having an appointment with my client IN MY DREAMS! It’s like saying I’ll come and see you later and she says in your dreams …. Or something to that effect!

It’s super crazy. The DEADlines are to DIE for and the Stress is Super Stressful. Now, would anybody want my place? Take a number. I’m not giving it up yet. I believe that I’m on the right path to becoming a successful workaholic and work whore. Yet another outstanding milestone for J-Lo, after being the world’s most “Kai” (fluke) foos chick. YAY!