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Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Update

Currently Playing = Diana Krall’s version of Why should I care

The weekend was pretty good.

Friday night – finished work around 10 or so, headed over to friend’s place to chill.

Saturday – Worked from 10 to 8, a new record. Got home, bathed, had a nice hair wash, waited for Jess to call. FINALLY picked me up at 10 or so and headed thence to Kajang, specifically to Margaret’s house. Dranked a little, ate scrumptious Curry Chicken, watched Arseanal vs Manure … got home in one piece (after the breathalyzer). EOS

Sunday – Dallied in bed till noon or so. Woke up to meet me client to pass him some artwork. Headed over to PJ State for some pork ball noodles, when Jess and Ji joined in the fun. Came home, lazed around, cleaned my room and then went to AC. After AC … kinda had an itch to drive around and ended up in KLIA, next to the runway watching planes takeoff.

Monday – Aunt calls. Mom drags me out of bed for breakfast at 8 fkkg am (when I slept at 5). I’m wide awake, tired… but fkkg full.

Gonna study. One last paper this Wednesday. Adieu :)


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