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Monday, May 09, 2005


Situation 1

Car A going around 80km/h on a lonely 2-laned by-road.

Car B stopped by the side of the lonely 2-laned by-road.

Car A sees car B but ‘assumed’ it was stationery

Car B sees car A approaching and quickly swerves onto lonely 2-laned by-road and even eats into car A’s lane.

Car A managed to brake on time and honked like mad, car B unperturbed

Situation 2

Car A in a rush, tailgating car B at 120km/h on fast lane of busy highway

Car C wants to join in the fun and chases from 200ms away

Car A still tailgating (safely) and enjoying Good Charlotte blaring on the stereo

Car C still wants to join in the fun and holds up traffic whilst trying to squeeze between the 1 foot of space between Car A and Car B

Car A and B don’t give way, Car C pulls back and tries cutting on left lane (of the 3 lane highway) but efforts are hampered by slow moving traffic.

Car C tries to squeeze between the 1 foot of space between Car A and B.

Last 3 points repeated 3 times.

Car A, B and C approach toll plaza.

Car B gets off Car A’s path, leaving free space.

Car C feeling left behind desperately tries to catch up with car A but too little time before toll gate.

Car A has touch-n-go

Car C no touch-n-go

Graphic reference can be found HERE

That was my weekend adventure with my Mocha Baby :) How was yours?


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