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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Of moi and Make up

La di da ~~

MC received invitations to attend the KL Fashion Week Gala Night 2 nights in a row at the Shangri-la KL. I suppose my bosses love me so much they’re taking me along tonight. I also feel privileged to be ‘invited’ by my client to attend tomorrow’s corporate cocktail night, along with my bosses.

The pros of working directly under my boss/ceo/creative director/account director seriously make things easy for me. It’s a breeze!

I panicked yesterday evening after realizing that the dinner was on Thursday (2 days away) so I took a detour to Sunway Pyramid on my way back from work and went scouting for something decent to go with my dress. It was still early and somehow, everyone wasn’t answering their phone. Finally got Jess to shop with me (since Mandy wasn’t answering my call either) and she was a big help.

– 2 Bags
– Some cosmetics

And there went 200 bucks.

Headed over to Jess’s place for a crash course in make up. The first task was to trim my bushes… you know, the one above u’r eyes :P it was painful … try plucking just ONE pubic hair and have fun screaming.

We next experimented with eye colours. Won't go into details. Earth tones still work best for me.

See you at Shangri-la tonight! :)


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