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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Of Me and Genting

How was the long weekend? Spent it holidaying at some beach resort getting a tan? Or was it shopping all weekend long (since it’s the beginning of the month)? Or perhaps it was spent catching up with housekeeping / running errands around the house??

Well mine wasn’t quite the beach resort but it was more like hot highlands. For once, my jacket proved to be excess luggage.

Reasons of me going to Genting:-

  1. Kelly Chen live in Genting
  2. It was a holiday and I planned to practice my uphill driving skills
  3. Getting out of super hot KL
  4. Visit the Casino
  5. Spend quality time with Sean

  1. Kelly Chen was ok. I’m not a big fan of Chinese songs but I have heard a few of Kelly’s more popular tunes. Her costumes were darned good though; elaborate flower dress that weighed some 65 KGs or so, a glittering paper dress and some other outfits that were hard to tell from the distance we sat in. Overall – OK OK lah!
  2. Genting wasn’t that big a deal. It was very crowded, with families inclusive of the children/babies/grandparents/maids making up much of the crowd. If you intend to visit Genting during the holidays, PLEASE for the love of God BOOK your bloody rooms first. It’s pitiful seeing people sleep in the hotel lobby / corridors because they didn’t have a room.
  3. Genting was supposed to be cooler.
  4. Hands were itchy, pay came out early
  5. Too much time together, started getting on each other’s nerves *giggle*

The drive up and down were both good. Very enjoyable … looking forward to more trips up.

And now it’s bedtime. Goodbye holiday … it’s a working day tomorrow. Bah!