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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of Me and Fashion

Dress Code: Stylish & Fashionable

I was already planning to wear that outfit yesterday, since it didn’t specify formality. It was a pink cotton top that I’d think some of you might have seen before paired off with white pants and a white scarf, pink bag and shoes. Went along with the purple palette yesterday.

We braved the jam and arrived at about 8pm or so, registered at the reception and went into the ballroom. AJ of Pop Shuvit fame was there (playing bass in a quartet) too. I recall having a crush on him way back when I was still in school (since he’s Julian’s good friend) and I still think he’s cute :)

Anyway, clients arrived at about the same time and we then made our way to the buffet line. I think the person who selected the menu was a dumbass. Who would like to eat dripping saucy chicken wings with a fork/spoon while standing up (in a la di da high class standing cocktail party)

Apart from the designers, the only famous person I saw there was Datuk Jimmy Choo. Also bumped into an old church mate …. That’s about it!

The event ended around 10.15 or so and I was home about and hour later.

Another round tonight … this time it stated formal. Still choosing between long gown and short skirt …. Help me PLEASE?