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Friday, May 06, 2005

Of me and Fashion Part II

Dress Code: Formal

I’m tired, probably because my face was plastered in a smile (revealing my tar stained teeth) most of the night. Yesterday was a little more glitzy, with people actually dressing up (i.e. me) and a much better performance.

The only part I must criticize is the emcee. If I’m not mistaken, she’s Hannah Tan. She’s gorgeous and has a great voice and would probably do a good job as a newscaster/VJ but as an emcee … she sucks. Why?

Chemistry. I’m guessing that she wrote her own script and included corny jokes from last century. Though the crowd didn’t jeer, it was pretty obvious her jokes were NOT funny since people hardly laughed. I didn’t laugh because I’ve heard and read it a zillion times. People didn’t laugh because it was a LONG boring joke. You know … the one about the differences of direct marketing, public relations, advertising and brand recognition.

Apart from that … the show began with an electrifying dance performance, followed by the MC’s below-par introduction, followed by the fashion show. I don’t quite recall the details of the first label, but the second was Donna Chew followed by Kapas. I LOVE KAPAS clothes. Super gorgeous and it’s not couture so you and I can all wear kapas. You know … go buy a roll of kapas from the sundry shop… RM1 can get you a few feet. On a more serious note ... where to find KAPAS clothes?

My boss arrived fashionably late … and I don’t think he even went inside the ballroom to watch any part of the show. I went out to grab more food (being the pig I am) halfway during this China label’s parade … and just stayed out. We ate, drank, smoked and were merry last night. Got to meet people I’ve heard of and even spoken to but never met before.

I’ll be taking half day off today to run some errands and will be free towards the end of today so do buzz me if you want to go clubbing/pubbing or just coffee-ing or foosing yah?

Enjoy the weekend!


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