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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Likey the song?

That’s Good Charlotte for me.

Work has been slowing down of late … I suppose it’s the low season once again where all I do is sit around, read blogs and wait for e-mails to come in. Somehow, the staff here come and go according to season too!

The latest case was the newest designer here … he’s been with us for probably 2 months or so. Last Friday he was on leave. He’s still on leave and it looks like he’s not coming back. Best part is there aren’t any papers for us to take legal action since the company hasn’t come up with the appointment letter or contract of any sort. Smart huh?

Being the little girl of the company / everyone’s darling … I learnt the meaning of pressure and stress. It’s because I’m female I get a different type of stress, It’s because I’m female I’m given different expectations.

There were many a time I could have easily just given up and ran away like the most recent case … unfortunately I didn’t have the heart to and my consciousness told me that I HAVE A JOB and there’s no point losing the job over some petty matter. After all it’s only stress.

At one point, I seriously considered leaving because of management problems. I wasn’t happy with the employment deal. I still whine about it at times but the thoughts fade with work and time, I’m just being petty.

Among my peers, I think I can proudly say I’m still at my first job and it actually pays pretty well. Got my car after 4 months of working… expanded my wardrobe a little and can now afford to do many more things.

Things I’ve managed to achieve in the past 8 months:-

- Went to Genting like 3 times and actually had money to gamble
- Bought a car and still paying promptly
- Upgraded my phone
- Got a postpaid mobile plan (that came with a nice number)
- Settled certain long outstanding debts
Terpesong sikit

Okok … work related … things I’ve learnt

- Middle management in the office
- Documentation, processes and protocol
- Who’s my boss and who’s boss am I
- DEBT COLLECTING *grin* not my money la
- Cutting the deal
- Trade Secrets
- Play the guitar (I meant strumming the right chords, hypothetically)
- Getting off on the right foot with Clients
- How to smile (as fake as possible)
- Problem solving
- Copywriting
- Making Coffee
- How to feed fish
- How to use the photocopier
- How to be a graphic designer
- Oh oh … and how to be messier

Sien lah … anyone looking for an advertising agency to do their promotions? We’re quick, efficient, high quality, reliable and affordable. Let me know :)


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