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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mixed Feelings

I'm going through a sane period where I feel this is the real Jo. Filled with thoughts, stressed out over future plans, worrying bout my career, missing someone dearly.

I need to lose weight seriously. How can I make myself realize that and push myself enough to do something about it? Is it possible for me to find someone to walk me through this journey?

Work is going through a honeymoon period where all I do is surf blogs in the office. When is the next busy period? How severe will it get this time? My stress levels seem to increase by the hour because of the quiet period ... not very healthy.

I've also 2 exams to look forward to this month and next. A long forgotten paper in my ex-college needs to be re-taken, adding more stress to my already overloaded mind.

Sean has been rather distant since we returned from Genting. Looks like we’re going through a dry spell … the part where he goes cold, particularly towards my feelings.


Some publicity ….

Gig update: High Wired at Avanti's

HIGH WIRED @ Friday Nite Jazz at Avanti's

Led by dad and son team, guitarist Jordan Rivers (affectionately known as the George Benson of KL) and upstart drummer Steve Nanda, HIGH WIRED throws some really hot fusion jazz at your face. A groove and jam oriented group, it will feature additional musician friends, Khairil Azli (piano and keys), Julian Chan (saxes), and AJ on bass. They'll be performing various contemporary jazz tunes to kick-start the weekend!

Venue: Avanti's Restaurant, Sunway Hotel Resort
Date and Time: 13 May 2005, 10pm
Admission: Free
Reservations: Call 603-7492 8000 ext 3176

I want to go … I’ve been missing out on all these gigs. I need someone to accompany me … anyone?


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