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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Material World

Girls don’t like boys girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they’re not funny
And these Girls like these Boys, like these Boys like these GirlsThe Girls with the Bodies like Boys with FerrarisGirls Don’t like Boys, Girls like Cars and Money

Girls & Boys by GC

Another Good Charlotte favourite…

People don’t understand my obsession. It’s not about the band; I don’t know what they look like. What I do know is I can relate to the music they play. Songs like this (entitled Boys and Girls), Emotionless, Riot Girl, Bloody Valentine, Lifestyles of the Rich and famous and Hold On just to name a few are not just melodies to ears. I was baffled the very first time I listened to them in Errol’s car and I’ve been hooked on since, even more than I was hooked on to Garbage

Paper or plastic, don’t matter she’ll have it
Vacations and shopping sprees, these are a few of her favourite things

True or not?

Not much to say in most conversations,
He’ll foot the bill in all situations,
Cos he pays for everything…


All of these boys, yeah, and all of these girls,
Losing their souls in a material world…


*slap slap slap*

Come back to reality. Don’t you have work to do???


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