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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Is it good enough ?

Chopin (Pronounced Show-Parn) – piano classics.

As I listened to Chopin and a little Dvorak earlier, I realized how much piano lessons didn’t do me much justice – although I’m a piano teacher today.

I for one was a very lucky child. Mom started me off on music and ballet at the tender age of 5 or so. Mandarin classes and Sunday school, everything else I did was fun and more fun. Back then, the word tuition didn’t exist in my mom’s ears.

Thing about mom was possibly her easy-going nature. Perhaps it was her nature to not aim for perfection. In school, there was never the pressure to be a top scorer. She nearly had a heart attack when I came in 3rd place in Form 4. All that mattered was that I did my homework and didn’t get into any trouble at school.

In ballet, I was never forced to go for exams. There wasn’t much pressure, as long as I attended classes and made the best out of things, she was happy. At least I made one milestone in dancing – playing King Triton (of The Little Mermaid) in the PJ Civic Hall. Mom rushed back all the way from Penang to watch me.

Then there was Piano … I wasn’t expected to be a maestro. All she wanted was for me to finish my Grade 8, which I finally did. I nearly dropped out of Grade 3 when mom actually slapped and scolded me, and then forced me to continue classes. I forgot the hatred and eventually passed my subsequent exams, played the right scales and played my pieces right. She never mentioned anything else after that. I didn’t continue after Grade 8.

Years have passed. I left school with 2 As, got into a good college and now I’ve got a good job. I can speak passable Mandarin, gyrate my hips according to the rhythm, sing the right pitch, play the Maiden’s Prayer and teach piano.

Is ok good enough? Should I have danced extra hard and danced on pointe? Should I have practiced doubly hard to get a music school scholarship? Should I have studied extra hard to work my way to Uni? Is it the fact that I’m just me because mom never pushed me? Is it alright to be just contended with what I have? Does this mean I aim to earn a 5-figure salary and stop just there because it’s good enough?