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Monday, May 30, 2005


Mommy’s in Penang, alas, FREEDOM!

Went to teach on Sunday morning, reluctantly dragging myself off the bed at some 8.30am or so. Got to work at 9.05 only to find my student not there. Bought some buns from the neighbourhood bakery and still she wasn’t back yet. Finally turned up around 9.20 or something like that. Had the usual round of students up till 12pm when the next student didn’t turn up, prompting me to call only to find out they’re out of town.

So I left the school at 12.30, drove myself to the popular Mobil car wash and gave my mocha a royal bath. Finished that and went home, switched on the PC and subsequently fell asleep. I received a swarm of unanswered phone calls, since the pig was sleeping, oblivious to any sound surrounding her.

Finally woke up at 6 or so, too late for church. Lazed around the house, messaged a few people, called some too. Decided to make the best of it and proceeded to MOPPING THE FLOOR. Not just my room but the ENTIRE house! Unfortunately one round wasn’t good enough, so IF I do go home early today I might just mop the floor again.

Showered and proceeded to Misai for Indomee with Meg and Faggot. Bumped into AJ of Pop Shuvit fame, as well as Eileen, a lenglui I met some 2 years ago. The rest of the gang (KY, Sotong, FA, Ah Hoong and another friend) joined in the festivities. However, Meg and I made a dash home to my place as Mandy was on her way over for some Mahjong.

Now opportunities like these don’t come around very often, especially when mom is around (since I have to get my so-called beauty sleep). Faggot joined us shortly after, and we ordered Dominoes pizza for supper.

Sister popped by to drop off some snacks she brought from Shanghai. Didn’t quite like them. Oh by the way, she also brought me a gorgeous looking Pashmina from Shanghai too… Not quite fuchsia but a close relative.

And so we played till 3am after which I just knocked off, serenaded by Diana Krall and Michael Buble. Woke up at 8am, the cycle repeated.

I’m actually damned pissed off with a certain person since last week, and she’s not returning my calls. STRESS. Need to prepare myself for a war after this, S T R E S S! Gonna be a tiring day, with less than my usual 8 hours of sleep to start off with. SIGH. Bloody Gloomy Monday. :(


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