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Monday, May 30, 2005

Meme for thoughts...

I've been hit!

Your 5 questions :

1. If you could lead a celebrity's life for a week, which celebrity would you choose and why?
Um… Paris Hilton. Would definitely want to wear her panties and be a blonde … she’s blonde right? I barfed watching the simple life. No offence to her fans. She’s the ultimate definition of a bimbo. Nicole Richie is like the worst best friend anyone could have. Then again they’re like two bimbos in a pond right?

2. Name 5 changes you would like to see in Malaysia.
a. More foosball venues
b. More female politicians please?
c. Public Nudity/Obscenity. I love showing off my cleavage. Jealous ah?
d. More Tax Free Havens (Preferabally one in every state)
e. Non-convertible inter-religion unions. I still think I’ll marry a non-chinese

3. Is it better to be a man or a woman? Why?
I’m a GAY stuck in a woman’s body. Go figure …

4. Totally hot and good-looking guy with a 3 inch dick when erected. Not hot and not good looking guy at all with a tool you are very comfortable with when erected. If you had to choose a life partner from these two, which one lah?
Duh? LIFE PARTNER wei… of course I’d go for the not hot guy. All the guy’s I’ve dated so far are NOT hot and NOT good looking but have a good enough tool and please me well enough for me to want more and more and more! Plus I believe in a balance... there's no such thing as The Mr. Perfect... Hot and good looking? One Night Stand can?

5. How do you think you will make a difference?
I’m going to drift in my 120Y someday… or I’ll nurture some kids to someday be the first two Malaysian kids to play a duet in the Royal Albert Hall, or maybe I’ll be the bestest foos queen … heck I want to be the Prime Minister (or first lady) of Malaysia!

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on)

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Mommy’s in Penang, alas, FREEDOM!

Went to teach on Sunday morning, reluctantly dragging myself off the bed at some 8.30am or so. Got to work at 9.05 only to find my student not there. Bought some buns from the neighbourhood bakery and still she wasn’t back yet. Finally turned up around 9.20 or something like that. Had the usual round of students up till 12pm when the next student didn’t turn up, prompting me to call only to find out they’re out of town.

So I left the school at 12.30, drove myself to the popular Mobil car wash and gave my mocha a royal bath. Finished that and went home, switched on the PC and subsequently fell asleep. I received a swarm of unanswered phone calls, since the pig was sleeping, oblivious to any sound surrounding her.

Finally woke up at 6 or so, too late for church. Lazed around the house, messaged a few people, called some too. Decided to make the best of it and proceeded to MOPPING THE FLOOR. Not just my room but the ENTIRE house! Unfortunately one round wasn’t good enough, so IF I do go home early today I might just mop the floor again.

Showered and proceeded to Misai for Indomee with Meg and Faggot. Bumped into AJ of Pop Shuvit fame, as well as Eileen, a lenglui I met some 2 years ago. The rest of the gang (KY, Sotong, FA, Ah Hoong and another friend) joined in the festivities. However, Meg and I made a dash home to my place as Mandy was on her way over for some Mahjong.

Now opportunities like these don’t come around very often, especially when mom is around (since I have to get my so-called beauty sleep). Faggot joined us shortly after, and we ordered Dominoes pizza for supper.

Sister popped by to drop off some snacks she brought from Shanghai. Didn’t quite like them. Oh by the way, she also brought me a gorgeous looking Pashmina from Shanghai too… Not quite fuchsia but a close relative.

And so we played till 3am after which I just knocked off, serenaded by Diana Krall and Michael Buble. Woke up at 8am, the cycle repeated.

I’m actually damned pissed off with a certain person since last week, and she’s not returning my calls. STRESS. Need to prepare myself for a war after this, S T R E S S! Gonna be a tiring day, with less than my usual 8 hours of sleep to start off with. SIGH. Bloody Gloomy Monday. :(

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Maafkan Saya...

Apologies for the extremely delayed post.

Nothing much happened this week … apart from my exam on Wednesday. Work has been the usual bitch, Sean has suddenly turned sweet … and that’s about it.

Watched XxX yesterday, no biggie really. Bad cast if you asked me … nice plot, predictable ending but lots of nice cars *DROOL*

Mom’s away in Penang this weekend with her siblings … some peace and quiet around home… but I miss her already.

There isn’t much to write about and I’ve not been in an imaginative state of mind lately (due to work overload).

Don’t be mad for the downtime … I promise to PPS in my next post. Need sleep. *KnockOut*

Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Update

Currently Playing = Diana Krall’s version of Why should I care

The weekend was pretty good.

Friday night – finished work around 10 or so, headed over to friend’s place to chill.

Saturday – Worked from 10 to 8, a new record. Got home, bathed, had a nice hair wash, waited for Jess to call. FINALLY picked me up at 10 or so and headed thence to Kajang, specifically to Margaret’s house. Dranked a little, ate scrumptious Curry Chicken, watched Arseanal vs Manure … got home in one piece (after the breathalyzer). EOS

Sunday – Dallied in bed till noon or so. Woke up to meet me client to pass him some artwork. Headed over to PJ State for some pork ball noodles, when Jess and Ji joined in the fun. Came home, lazed around, cleaned my room and then went to AC. After AC … kinda had an itch to drive around and ended up in KLIA, next to the runway watching planes takeoff.

Monday – Aunt calls. Mom drags me out of bed for breakfast at 8 fkkg am (when I slept at 5). I’m wide awake, tired… but fkkg full.

Gonna study. One last paper this Wednesday. Adieu :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Workaholic Wannabe

Imagine 10 calls coming in after 5.30 symbolizing 10 more tasks that need to be achieved adding to my already lagging schedule.

The past two nights have been late-nighters and I honestly hope I’ll get to finish early tonight, early tonight meaning I’ll get to go off right after my evening appointment.

Why do clients absolutely love giving you work at 5.30pm and then throw back the ball the next day saying “But I already told you YESTERDAY! 1 Day is more than enough!!!” And then I go into a fit and start strangling people around me. Fuck!

My poor new colleagues didn’t even have the time to say “I’m NEW” before being thrown into this realm of torturing overtime on their second day. My sinuses are acting up again and the weather is not being very helpful by dragging me out of bed on a cloudy day.

The only textbook I’m currently reading can only provide sufficient bedtime stories, long enough to last 3 pages before knocking me out back into the world of reality though in dreamland. Heck the biggest sign of stress is me having an appointment with my client IN MY DREAMS! It’s like saying I’ll come and see you later and she says in your dreams …. Or something to that effect!

It’s super crazy. The DEADlines are to DIE for and the Stress is Super Stressful. Now, would anybody want my place? Take a number. I’m not giving it up yet. I believe that I’m on the right path to becoming a successful workaholic and work whore. Yet another outstanding milestone for J-Lo, after being the world’s most “Kai” (fluke) foos chick. YAY!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Like ... The PwN

MarGie'S Birthday was filled with
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and Lots of
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A few Kodak Moments
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and ...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And of course ... The Birthday Girl herself!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pictures courtesy of Suanie and Cass
More pictures can be found here and here. Still waiting for more to come ... Quickly upload can?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Is it good enough ?

Chopin (Pronounced Show-Parn) – piano classics.

As I listened to Chopin and a little Dvorak earlier, I realized how much piano lessons didn’t do me much justice – although I’m a piano teacher today.

I for one was a very lucky child. Mom started me off on music and ballet at the tender age of 5 or so. Mandarin classes and Sunday school, everything else I did was fun and more fun. Back then, the word tuition didn’t exist in my mom’s ears.

Thing about mom was possibly her easy-going nature. Perhaps it was her nature to not aim for perfection. In school, there was never the pressure to be a top scorer. She nearly had a heart attack when I came in 3rd place in Form 4. All that mattered was that I did my homework and didn’t get into any trouble at school.

In ballet, I was never forced to go for exams. There wasn’t much pressure, as long as I attended classes and made the best out of things, she was happy. At least I made one milestone in dancing – playing King Triton (of The Little Mermaid) in the PJ Civic Hall. Mom rushed back all the way from Penang to watch me.

Then there was Piano … I wasn’t expected to be a maestro. All she wanted was for me to finish my Grade 8, which I finally did. I nearly dropped out of Grade 3 when mom actually slapped and scolded me, and then forced me to continue classes. I forgot the hatred and eventually passed my subsequent exams, played the right scales and played my pieces right. She never mentioned anything else after that. I didn’t continue after Grade 8.

Years have passed. I left school with 2 As, got into a good college and now I’ve got a good job. I can speak passable Mandarin, gyrate my hips according to the rhythm, sing the right pitch, play the Maiden’s Prayer and teach piano.

Is ok good enough? Should I have danced extra hard and danced on pointe? Should I have practiced doubly hard to get a music school scholarship? Should I have studied extra hard to work my way to Uni? Is it the fact that I’m just me because mom never pushed me? Is it alright to be just contended with what I have? Does this mean I aim to earn a 5-figure salary and stop just there because it’s good enough?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mixed Feelings

I'm going through a sane period where I feel this is the real Jo. Filled with thoughts, stressed out over future plans, worrying bout my career, missing someone dearly.

I need to lose weight seriously. How can I make myself realize that and push myself enough to do something about it? Is it possible for me to find someone to walk me through this journey?

Work is going through a honeymoon period where all I do is surf blogs in the office. When is the next busy period? How severe will it get this time? My stress levels seem to increase by the hour because of the quiet period ... not very healthy.

I've also 2 exams to look forward to this month and next. A long forgotten paper in my ex-college needs to be re-taken, adding more stress to my already overloaded mind.

Sean has been rather distant since we returned from Genting. Looks like we’re going through a dry spell … the part where he goes cold, particularly towards my feelings.


Some publicity ….

Gig update: High Wired at Avanti's

HIGH WIRED @ Friday Nite Jazz at Avanti's

Led by dad and son team, guitarist Jordan Rivers (affectionately known as the George Benson of KL) and upstart drummer Steve Nanda, HIGH WIRED throws some really hot fusion jazz at your face. A groove and jam oriented group, it will feature additional musician friends, Khairil Azli (piano and keys), Julian Chan (saxes), and AJ on bass. They'll be performing various contemporary jazz tunes to kick-start the weekend!

Venue: Avanti's Restaurant, Sunway Hotel Resort
Date and Time: 13 May 2005, 10pm
Admission: Free
Reservations: Call 603-7492 8000 ext 3176

I want to go … I’ve been missing out on all these gigs. I need someone to accompany me … anyone?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Likey the song?

That’s Good Charlotte for me.

Work has been slowing down of late … I suppose it’s the low season once again where all I do is sit around, read blogs and wait for e-mails to come in. Somehow, the staff here come and go according to season too!

The latest case was the newest designer here … he’s been with us for probably 2 months or so. Last Friday he was on leave. He’s still on leave and it looks like he’s not coming back. Best part is there aren’t any papers for us to take legal action since the company hasn’t come up with the appointment letter or contract of any sort. Smart huh?

Being the little girl of the company / everyone’s darling … I learnt the meaning of pressure and stress. It’s because I’m female I get a different type of stress, It’s because I’m female I’m given different expectations.

There were many a time I could have easily just given up and ran away like the most recent case … unfortunately I didn’t have the heart to and my consciousness told me that I HAVE A JOB and there’s no point losing the job over some petty matter. After all it’s only stress.

At one point, I seriously considered leaving because of management problems. I wasn’t happy with the employment deal. I still whine about it at times but the thoughts fade with work and time, I’m just being petty.

Among my peers, I think I can proudly say I’m still at my first job and it actually pays pretty well. Got my car after 4 months of working… expanded my wardrobe a little and can now afford to do many more things.

Things I’ve managed to achieve in the past 8 months:-

- Went to Genting like 3 times and actually had money to gamble
- Bought a car and still paying promptly
- Upgraded my phone
- Got a postpaid mobile plan (that came with a nice number)
- Settled certain long outstanding debts
Terpesong sikit

Okok … work related … things I’ve learnt

- Middle management in the office
- Documentation, processes and protocol
- Who’s my boss and who’s boss am I
- DEBT COLLECTING *grin* not my money la
- Cutting the deal
- Trade Secrets
- Play the guitar (I meant strumming the right chords, hypothetically)
- Getting off on the right foot with Clients
- How to smile (as fake as possible)
- Problem solving
- Copywriting
- Making Coffee
- How to feed fish
- How to use the photocopier
- How to be a graphic designer
- Oh oh … and how to be messier

Sien lah … anyone looking for an advertising agency to do their promotions? We’re quick, efficient, high quality, reliable and affordable. Let me know :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Material World

Girls don’t like boys girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they’re not funny
And these Girls like these Boys, like these Boys like these GirlsThe Girls with the Bodies like Boys with FerrarisGirls Don’t like Boys, Girls like Cars and Money

Girls & Boys by GC

Another Good Charlotte favourite…

People don’t understand my obsession. It’s not about the band; I don’t know what they look like. What I do know is I can relate to the music they play. Songs like this (entitled Boys and Girls), Emotionless, Riot Girl, Bloody Valentine, Lifestyles of the Rich and famous and Hold On just to name a few are not just melodies to ears. I was baffled the very first time I listened to them in Errol’s car and I’ve been hooked on since, even more than I was hooked on to Garbage

Paper or plastic, don’t matter she’ll have it
Vacations and shopping sprees, these are a few of her favourite things

True or not?

Not much to say in most conversations,
He’ll foot the bill in all situations,
Cos he pays for everything…


All of these boys, yeah, and all of these girls,
Losing their souls in a material world…


*slap slap slap*

Come back to reality. Don’t you have work to do???

Monday, May 09, 2005


Situation 1

Car A going around 80km/h on a lonely 2-laned by-road.

Car B stopped by the side of the lonely 2-laned by-road.

Car A sees car B but ‘assumed’ it was stationery

Car B sees car A approaching and quickly swerves onto lonely 2-laned by-road and even eats into car A’s lane.

Car A managed to brake on time and honked like mad, car B unperturbed

Situation 2

Car A in a rush, tailgating car B at 120km/h on fast lane of busy highway

Car C wants to join in the fun and chases from 200ms away

Car A still tailgating (safely) and enjoying Good Charlotte blaring on the stereo

Car C still wants to join in the fun and holds up traffic whilst trying to squeeze between the 1 foot of space between Car A and Car B

Car A and B don’t give way, Car C pulls back and tries cutting on left lane (of the 3 lane highway) but efforts are hampered by slow moving traffic.

Car C tries to squeeze between the 1 foot of space between Car A and B.

Last 3 points repeated 3 times.

Car A, B and C approach toll plaza.

Car B gets off Car A’s path, leaving free space.

Car C feeling left behind desperately tries to catch up with car A but too little time before toll gate.

Car A has touch-n-go

Car C no touch-n-go

Graphic reference can be found HERE

That was my weekend adventure with my Mocha Baby :) How was yours?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Of me and Fashion Part II

Dress Code: Formal

I’m tired, probably because my face was plastered in a smile (revealing my tar stained teeth) most of the night. Yesterday was a little more glitzy, with people actually dressing up (i.e. me) and a much better performance.

The only part I must criticize is the emcee. If I’m not mistaken, she’s Hannah Tan. She’s gorgeous and has a great voice and would probably do a good job as a newscaster/VJ but as an emcee … she sucks. Why?

Chemistry. I’m guessing that she wrote her own script and included corny jokes from last century. Though the crowd didn’t jeer, it was pretty obvious her jokes were NOT funny since people hardly laughed. I didn’t laugh because I’ve heard and read it a zillion times. People didn’t laugh because it was a LONG boring joke. You know … the one about the differences of direct marketing, public relations, advertising and brand recognition.

Apart from that … the show began with an electrifying dance performance, followed by the MC’s below-par introduction, followed by the fashion show. I don’t quite recall the details of the first label, but the second was Donna Chew followed by Kapas. I LOVE KAPAS clothes. Super gorgeous and it’s not couture so you and I can all wear kapas. You know … go buy a roll of kapas from the sundry shop… RM1 can get you a few feet. On a more serious note ... where to find KAPAS clothes?

My boss arrived fashionably late … and I don’t think he even went inside the ballroom to watch any part of the show. I went out to grab more food (being the pig I am) halfway during this China label’s parade … and just stayed out. We ate, drank, smoked and were merry last night. Got to meet people I’ve heard of and even spoken to but never met before.

I’ll be taking half day off today to run some errands and will be free towards the end of today so do buzz me if you want to go clubbing/pubbing or just coffee-ing or foosing yah?

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of Me and Fashion

Dress Code: Stylish & Fashionable

I was already planning to wear that outfit yesterday, since it didn’t specify formality. It was a pink cotton top that I’d think some of you might have seen before paired off with white pants and a white scarf, pink bag and shoes. Went along with the purple palette yesterday.

We braved the jam and arrived at about 8pm or so, registered at the reception and went into the ballroom. AJ of Pop Shuvit fame was there (playing bass in a quartet) too. I recall having a crush on him way back when I was still in school (since he’s Julian’s good friend) and I still think he’s cute :)

Anyway, clients arrived at about the same time and we then made our way to the buffet line. I think the person who selected the menu was a dumbass. Who would like to eat dripping saucy chicken wings with a fork/spoon while standing up (in a la di da high class standing cocktail party)

Apart from the designers, the only famous person I saw there was Datuk Jimmy Choo. Also bumped into an old church mate …. That’s about it!

The event ended around 10.15 or so and I was home about and hour later.

Another round tonight … this time it stated formal. Still choosing between long gown and short skirt …. Help me PLEASE?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Of moi and Make up

La di da ~~

MC received invitations to attend the KL Fashion Week Gala Night 2 nights in a row at the Shangri-la KL. I suppose my bosses love me so much they’re taking me along tonight. I also feel privileged to be ‘invited’ by my client to attend tomorrow’s corporate cocktail night, along with my bosses.

The pros of working directly under my boss/ceo/creative director/account director seriously make things easy for me. It’s a breeze!

I panicked yesterday evening after realizing that the dinner was on Thursday (2 days away) so I took a detour to Sunway Pyramid on my way back from work and went scouting for something decent to go with my dress. It was still early and somehow, everyone wasn’t answering their phone. Finally got Jess to shop with me (since Mandy wasn’t answering my call either) and she was a big help.

– 2 Bags
– Some cosmetics

And there went 200 bucks.

Headed over to Jess’s place for a crash course in make up. The first task was to trim my bushes… you know, the one above u’r eyes :P it was painful … try plucking just ONE pubic hair and have fun screaming.

We next experimented with eye colours. Won't go into details. Earth tones still work best for me.

See you at Shangri-la tonight! :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Of Me and Genting

How was the long weekend? Spent it holidaying at some beach resort getting a tan? Or was it shopping all weekend long (since it’s the beginning of the month)? Or perhaps it was spent catching up with housekeeping / running errands around the house??

Well mine wasn’t quite the beach resort but it was more like hot highlands. For once, my jacket proved to be excess luggage.

Reasons of me going to Genting:-

  1. Kelly Chen live in Genting
  2. It was a holiday and I planned to practice my uphill driving skills
  3. Getting out of super hot KL
  4. Visit the Casino
  5. Spend quality time with Sean

  1. Kelly Chen was ok. I’m not a big fan of Chinese songs but I have heard a few of Kelly’s more popular tunes. Her costumes were darned good though; elaborate flower dress that weighed some 65 KGs or so, a glittering paper dress and some other outfits that were hard to tell from the distance we sat in. Overall – OK OK lah!
  2. Genting wasn’t that big a deal. It was very crowded, with families inclusive of the children/babies/grandparents/maids making up much of the crowd. If you intend to visit Genting during the holidays, PLEASE for the love of God BOOK your bloody rooms first. It’s pitiful seeing people sleep in the hotel lobby / corridors because they didn’t have a room.
  3. Genting was supposed to be cooler.
  4. Hands were itchy, pay came out early
  5. Too much time together, started getting on each other’s nerves *giggle*

The drive up and down were both good. Very enjoyable … looking forward to more trips up.

And now it’s bedtime. Goodbye holiday … it’s a working day tomorrow. Bah!