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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Of women and dangly things

Women have a penchant for cute things dangling from their mobile phones. I myself am guilty of this repulsive habit, but only because it was a gift and it was a pig.

So I think back of the times where dangly mobile phone things were (and still are) the craze. Teenage girls go gaga over cute little figurines, even the boys go for cute cartoon/mangga/anime characters.

Some retailers didn’t help much at all by selling 3 for RM10 or something ridiculous like that. Hair accessory shops, gift shops, Memory Lane, Carrefour, petrol stations and even GUARDIAN carried these clangy, dangly things.


But what IS it with women and dangly things? I’ve only had this one on for a day and I feel it is:

An auditory nuisance
An extra weight
An age reducer (reduces any age to 10)
An eyesore
A turn-off
A health hazard
A safety hazard


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