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Friday, April 22, 2005

Of us and Birthday Parties

We attended my pet sister/our junior’s 21st birthday party at her home yesterday. Not so much a party such as KY’s but more like a typical Chinese family gathering with lots of whisky and fried bee-hoon.

Strolled into the party at around 9 and hugged by then, my sticky pet sister. Matt used to like her… and has since referred to her as his bunny.


Did the usual catching up with juniors/church friends … it was cute seeing so many kids get together, laughing and shouting… the big difference would be that there was alcohol (thus resulting in happily drunk parents). It was quite a family affair with Aunts, Uncles and cousins filling the house, and friends and more friends filling up the driveway. It was at her house, somewhere in Kajang.

FREE LIQUOR! Who wouldn’t enjoy that??? Apparently none of us was even tempted by the alcohol. At one point I deduced that there wasn’t a bar with a good bartender mixing the drinks but I later realized that it was all about the whisky. We left at 11pm because of work/class the next morning but the kids were still having a hell lot of fun though it was a school night.

And so the senior citizens (us) dragged our high heels and miniskirts away from drunken, confused teenagers and insanely high and mighty parents and plonked ourselves in the nearby food court (sien of mamak).

Got home at 1


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