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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Of me and life

I went to the theatre last night with my mom. My sister bought tickets to watch Life… Sdn Bhd 3 at the Actors Studio Bangsar but wasn’t able to make it because she was still jet-lagged. I dragged mom along to watch this funny yet touching stage production where people told stories about their life … along with songs and much laughter.

Patrick Teoh (Kar Yeong too!!), Sue Lancaster, Gavin Yap, Fang, Ben Tan, Andrew Tan and a few more gave astounding accounts of their life. The stories were not fiction and they truly spoke from the heart. A veteran performer, a veteran actress, an HIV carrier, a lesbian, a gay and even a Pondan… these were FEW of the many faces that were up on stage.

One of the funniest accounts would have to be Patrick’s, where he was telling us about a conversation he had with his mother many years ago. He told his mother about this Malay girl who he was madly in love with and intended to marry her. Expecting an angry or even sad reaction from his mother, all she said is … Son … you sure ah? Cannot eat pork wan you know???

On a more serious note Ben and Andrew gave their accounts of being gay and the hardships they endured just to be together. Blissful as it may seem, Ben lost his partner many years ago and Andrew thought he would lose his partner when he was diagnosed with HIV.

Then I thought about it and tracked back to my past … what was life all about?

My dad constantly reminded me that I was naturally born talkative. Mom and Dad thought I was a late starter. Apparently the day I started talking, I already spoke in sentences and I’ve not stopped till today.

Most of my childhood was spent playing. Dad wanted to send me to a Chinese school but mom was against it because of the extreme load of homework they brought back every day. Mom was worried I wouldn’t have time to play …

Sex education started in Primary 6. Contrary to popular belief, Conventarians have got to be the horniest bitches on earth! We started writing erotica in a little black book during lessons and passed it around to complete the story. I hope someone burnt the book or our fantasies with Devon Sawa and Jonathan Brandis might just leak out.

Secondary school was all about being in the crowd. We swore by Quicksilver bags and OP wallets. I, the poorest of the lot managed to get those too, but the pirated RM10 versions.

Mother constantly reminded me that I wasn’t as fortunate as them and that I didn’t have to follow the crowd. It didn’t sink in till today. I might not have rich parents, own branded goods and will never be part of the “in” crowd but what I do know is that I have earned personal satisfaction. Most of my friends shunned me when I started earning my own salary at 15, and graduated at 20. I became a workaholic whilst I was still in school. At 21, I bought my own car with my mom only contributing a mere RM1,500 towards the down payment. I’ve landed a job that I’m dedicated to and I’m no longer a child. Things rich brats (no offence to anyone in particular) will NEVER understand.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Mom never believed in such celebrations. When I was younger, dad would give me money to buy her a rose outside church on Mothers Day. Now that Dad isn’t around to give me money, my sister and I take her out for dinner.

Why haven’t I talked much about dad?

Well this 30th April marks Daddy’s 3rd anniversary. It’s been a long and hard 3 years to pass and I still miss him dearly. Mom and I still talk about him, criticizing him for the hardships BUT we survived. We’re still walking the walk and talking the talk.


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