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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Of Me and Illegality

I was always under the impression that a 2km radius within your residence is near home and safe to drive around without safety belt/not carrying driving license etc...And so I happily answered a call from Margie on my out to the mamak just now, oblivious to the fact that there was indeed a patrol car tailing me.

It was my first time ever getting stopped for talking on the phone. I’m usually rather cautious when driving and usually have a hands-free set ready at hand (sitting somewhere on my dashboard) and even disparage people who talk on the phone hands-on whilst driving. So happen it was my lucky day, just as I decided to not take an illegal route from my house to get to the mamak.

The primary reason I was stopped was for my carelessness for driving while talking on the phone. Little did they know I didn’t have my safety belt on and I was attempting to make an illegal turn when they pulled me over.

Being the dutiful Malaysian, I pulled out my identification card and drivers’ license as they walked over to my car. I unwound the window and passed one dude my ids politely as the other guy checked my road tax. And so he made a statement that I was driving recklessly and that he would need to issue a compound. I said ok, well I know I was in the wrong.

Without me uttering a word (whilst still smiling), he actually asked whether I could afford to pay the summons but before I could answer, he asked what I did and where I was heading to and since I look like a goody two shoes (with 90’s spectacles) I just said I worked in an office doing office work. He bought that and asked where I was saying to which I said I was heading to the mamak. He told me to buy him and his friend a drink and I said OK!

What I didn’t understand is that he told me to wait a little further up which eventually meant the mamak I was heading to. I parked and I called Jess to inform her of my situation and I held the conversation for quite a while. The cops were parked further away from where I was but eventually got the car moving and drove off before I could say Fuck.

And so that was me and illegality for the night. Margie topped it up by doing a super illegal turn that was watched by the entire mamak in awe. Goodnight :)