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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Labour Day

Copywriting is NOT fun. I’ve been cracking my head most of the day trying to come up with a non-boring historical write-up on Labour Day. Actually it isn’t even a write-up. I just need a good short paragraph on the history of Labour Day. What I’ve summed up from research? Well methinks Labour Day is like Memorial Day only this time we’re remembering the thousands of people who rioted and campaigned towards 8 hour working days.

Personally speaking ... so WHAT if they campaigned for 8-hour work days? I still work 12 – 24 hours with NO shift option. A friend thought I’m getting a handsome Overtime pay but unfortunately, my handsome OT is a yummylicious pizza dinner sponsored by the boss, unlimited supply of Salems and never ending mamak drinks.

Work has been picking up lately and I’ve not had the time to whine about my boss. Basically things are indeed getting back to normal once again and I’ve suddenly lost all urges to scream, shout and strangle a particular someone.

Am very much looking forward to the long Labour Day weekend this month end. Keeping that weekend in mind, my colleague and I have made a pact to work through Sundays if we had to just so that we finish up this one job by the 28th. Mandy is pissed because I won’t be going to Tioman with them on the 21st. I will be sacrificing the 21st to finish up this job and I very well might just move my mattress, pillow and comforter over to the office so that I can get the job closed by the 28th!

Neither love interest is getting much from me since I’ve been only occupied with work. I intend to concentrate as much as I can to make things work out for the best, at least for the rest of the month. Besides, staying in the office working actually saves me a lot of money. Don’t ask where the money has been going … I personally have no idea. And it’s only the 14th.

My Mocha is approaching it’s 5,000th KM / 2nd service in just 2 months! Quick, send my mocha a congratulations card.

Back to work, as the dreaded kopi-writer. SIGH

(I just noticed I sigh a lot)