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Thursday, April 07, 2005


A phrase I picked up from my chats with Ethan

I got to the office at around 9.20am … an hour later; my manager strolled into the office and informed me that my door was ajar.

First reaction – WTF????????

Took my car keys and ran downstairs and saw, with my own eyes, the door of my Mocha AJAR.

NO I didn’t leave the door open simply because I didn’t even OPEN It.

NO I didn’t forget to lock my door either. I purposely made it a point to CHECK that my door was locked this morning. Ok, let me run through the history of events …

8.45am – Left home for work
8.50am – Arrived at the daily Federal Highway Jam (somewhere after Mid Valley)
9.00am – Arrived at the daily Jalan Tun Razak Jam (in front of Nichi Fashion City)
9.10am – Arrived at the Kampung Pandan Roundabout Jam … well not much of a jam
9.15am – Parked my car RIGHT IN FRONT of the staircase leading to my office, locked my door, went to the Mamak to buy cigarettes, unlocked and locked my car door, walked up to the office.
10.20am – Manager tells me “Oi, why did u leave u’r car door open???”

And so I went down, saw my back door ajar, glanced around the car and realized neh, there’s nothing much to steal from my car.

So here I am, still pretty much dumbfucked about what happened.

Best part is, the bloody alarm didn’t make a sound.

KNNCCB to the fucker who tried to be funny. FUCK

(*knnccb – ka nineh chow chee buy)


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