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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Of Work and Me

Yes Cass, it’s about work again…

Work is definitely piling up with shortage of staff, specifically designers in the company. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to graphic designers, junior or senior, to come and join this very hectic company (and also help make life easier for me). Working hours begin at 9 and usually end after 7. I think wages start at 1.5, more or less depending on previous experience. Please, email me here ONLY and ONLY if you (or your friend) is genuinely interested in this job which by the way, is in Desa Pandan. If you have been following my blog, I may not have the most well paying job on earth but I can guarantee you for sure, that this job, is a very colourful and interesting job. Initially I thought I was going to be sucked into a world of lifelessness but I think I was wrong.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I survived without Photoshop / illustrator (hooray)! I didn’t know how to create a jpeg without using a photo editing tool and I hate paint … and I wasn’t sure if I could create a jpeg in Word. Truth is, I did the formatting in word, cut and paste the thing in paint, saved it as a jpeg and voila! But of course, quality not so good lah … :P


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Of Malaysians and their ignorance

Some Malaysians should have a limb chopped off to be donated to another worthy human being who would do much better off with that limb .... Find out more by clicking this cute little yellow banner below....

Of Me and Illegality

I was always under the impression that a 2km radius within your residence is near home and safe to drive around without safety belt/not carrying driving license etc...And so I happily answered a call from Margie on my out to the mamak just now, oblivious to the fact that there was indeed a patrol car tailing me.

It was my first time ever getting stopped for talking on the phone. I’m usually rather cautious when driving and usually have a hands-free set ready at hand (sitting somewhere on my dashboard) and even disparage people who talk on the phone hands-on whilst driving. So happen it was my lucky day, just as I decided to not take an illegal route from my house to get to the mamak.

The primary reason I was stopped was for my carelessness for driving while talking on the phone. Little did they know I didn’t have my safety belt on and I was attempting to make an illegal turn when they pulled me over.

Being the dutiful Malaysian, I pulled out my identification card and drivers’ license as they walked over to my car. I unwound the window and passed one dude my ids politely as the other guy checked my road tax. And so he made a statement that I was driving recklessly and that he would need to issue a compound. I said ok, well I know I was in the wrong.

Without me uttering a word (whilst still smiling), he actually asked whether I could afford to pay the summons but before I could answer, he asked what I did and where I was heading to and since I look like a goody two shoes (with 90’s spectacles) I just said I worked in an office doing office work. He bought that and asked where I was saying to which I said I was heading to the mamak. He told me to buy him and his friend a drink and I said OK!

What I didn’t understand is that he told me to wait a little further up which eventually meant the mamak I was heading to. I parked and I called Jess to inform her of my situation and I held the conversation for quite a while. The cops were parked further away from where I was but eventually got the car moving and drove off before I could say Fuck.

And so that was me and illegality for the night. Margie topped it up by doing a super illegal turn that was watched by the entire mamak in awe. Goodnight :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Of me and the word FUCK

Fuck fuck fuck!

Fucking Busy

I took a cue from FA to just fuck fuck fuck

FA I Love you!

I love you too Margie!!

And definitely you Sotong

Faggot is a Darling

KY is a Gem

fuck fuck fucking busy

Fcuk - FfffffCuK

Designer is going
but none are coming
Jobs are waiting
But no one is doing

Jo is sweating
And also is swearing
Cos she needs designing
And the client is chasing

fuck fuck fucking
coz the fuck is fucking
fuck fuck fucking
coz i'm gonna get fucking!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Friday, April 22, 2005

Of us and Birthday Parties

We attended my pet sister/our junior’s 21st birthday party at her home yesterday. Not so much a party such as KY’s but more like a typical Chinese family gathering with lots of whisky and fried bee-hoon.

Strolled into the party at around 9 and hugged by then, my sticky pet sister. Matt used to like her… and has since referred to her as his bunny.


Did the usual catching up with juniors/church friends … it was cute seeing so many kids get together, laughing and shouting… the big difference would be that there was alcohol (thus resulting in happily drunk parents). It was quite a family affair with Aunts, Uncles and cousins filling the house, and friends and more friends filling up the driveway. It was at her house, somewhere in Kajang.

FREE LIQUOR! Who wouldn’t enjoy that??? Apparently none of us was even tempted by the alcohol. At one point I deduced that there wasn’t a bar with a good bartender mixing the drinks but I later realized that it was all about the whisky. We left at 11pm because of work/class the next morning but the kids were still having a hell lot of fun though it was a school night.

And so the senior citizens (us) dragged our high heels and miniskirts away from drunken, confused teenagers and insanely high and mighty parents and plonked ourselves in the nearby food court (sien of mamak).

Got home at 1

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Of me and life

I went to the theatre last night with my mom. My sister bought tickets to watch Life… Sdn Bhd 3 at the Actors Studio Bangsar but wasn’t able to make it because she was still jet-lagged. I dragged mom along to watch this funny yet touching stage production where people told stories about their life … along with songs and much laughter.

Patrick Teoh (Kar Yeong too!!), Sue Lancaster, Gavin Yap, Fang, Ben Tan, Andrew Tan and a few more gave astounding accounts of their life. The stories were not fiction and they truly spoke from the heart. A veteran performer, a veteran actress, an HIV carrier, a lesbian, a gay and even a Pondan… these were FEW of the many faces that were up on stage.

One of the funniest accounts would have to be Patrick’s, where he was telling us about a conversation he had with his mother many years ago. He told his mother about this Malay girl who he was madly in love with and intended to marry her. Expecting an angry or even sad reaction from his mother, all she said is … Son … you sure ah? Cannot eat pork wan you know???

On a more serious note Ben and Andrew gave their accounts of being gay and the hardships they endured just to be together. Blissful as it may seem, Ben lost his partner many years ago and Andrew thought he would lose his partner when he was diagnosed with HIV.

Then I thought about it and tracked back to my past … what was life all about?

My dad constantly reminded me that I was naturally born talkative. Mom and Dad thought I was a late starter. Apparently the day I started talking, I already spoke in sentences and I’ve not stopped till today.

Most of my childhood was spent playing. Dad wanted to send me to a Chinese school but mom was against it because of the extreme load of homework they brought back every day. Mom was worried I wouldn’t have time to play …

Sex education started in Primary 6. Contrary to popular belief, Conventarians have got to be the horniest bitches on earth! We started writing erotica in a little black book during lessons and passed it around to complete the story. I hope someone burnt the book or our fantasies with Devon Sawa and Jonathan Brandis might just leak out.

Secondary school was all about being in the crowd. We swore by Quicksilver bags and OP wallets. I, the poorest of the lot managed to get those too, but the pirated RM10 versions.

Mother constantly reminded me that I wasn’t as fortunate as them and that I didn’t have to follow the crowd. It didn’t sink in till today. I might not have rich parents, own branded goods and will never be part of the “in” crowd but what I do know is that I have earned personal satisfaction. Most of my friends shunned me when I started earning my own salary at 15, and graduated at 20. I became a workaholic whilst I was still in school. At 21, I bought my own car with my mom only contributing a mere RM1,500 towards the down payment. I’ve landed a job that I’m dedicated to and I’m no longer a child. Things rich brats (no offence to anyone in particular) will NEVER understand.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Mom never believed in such celebrations. When I was younger, dad would give me money to buy her a rose outside church on Mothers Day. Now that Dad isn’t around to give me money, my sister and I take her out for dinner.

Why haven’t I talked much about dad?

Well this 30th April marks Daddy’s 3rd anniversary. It’s been a long and hard 3 years to pass and I still miss him dearly. Mom and I still talk about him, criticizing him for the hardships BUT we survived. We’re still walking the walk and talking the talk.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Of women and dangly things

Women have a penchant for cute things dangling from their mobile phones. I myself am guilty of this repulsive habit, but only because it was a gift and it was a pig.

So I think back of the times where dangly mobile phone things were (and still are) the craze. Teenage girls go gaga over cute little figurines, even the boys go for cute cartoon/mangga/anime characters.

Some retailers didn’t help much at all by selling 3 for RM10 or something ridiculous like that. Hair accessory shops, gift shops, Memory Lane, Carrefour, petrol stations and even GUARDIAN carried these clangy, dangly things.


But what IS it with women and dangly things? I’ve only had this one on for a day and I feel it is:

An auditory nuisance
An extra weight
An age reducer (reduces any age to 10)
An eyesore
A turn-off
A health hazard
A safety hazard

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'mma Bitch

Shit happened over the weekend which I’m not very proud to boast about. This time it didn’t have anything to do with work.

I’ve been a bitch. A big bad bitch. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad bitch.


I just broke someone’s heart over the weekend. As I type this, I can feel the wound in his heart bleeding more and more. I’m cruel. But I can’t help it.

How can I be in love with two people at the same time? It’s selfish, it’s inconsiderate and it’s risky. It demands an awful lot of explanation, requires a lot of precaution and takes up a lot of time.

Think of it.

It’s not funny. In fact, it actually put me under a lot of unnecessary stress. I had to pull the plug; things were getting out of hand.

And so I did it. It was over in 2 hours. It was as if Sean knew something was up because right after that, I was overwhelmed with this sense of comfort, he was so loving, as if he knew I needed some TLC at that time.

Well it’s a Monday again. Time for a milo, some crackers and shit loads of work.


Have a good Monday

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Labour Day

Copywriting is NOT fun. I’ve been cracking my head most of the day trying to come up with a non-boring historical write-up on Labour Day. Actually it isn’t even a write-up. I just need a good short paragraph on the history of Labour Day. What I’ve summed up from research? Well methinks Labour Day is like Memorial Day only this time we’re remembering the thousands of people who rioted and campaigned towards 8 hour working days.

Personally speaking ... so WHAT if they campaigned for 8-hour work days? I still work 12 – 24 hours with NO shift option. A friend thought I’m getting a handsome Overtime pay but unfortunately, my handsome OT is a yummylicious pizza dinner sponsored by the boss, unlimited supply of Salems and never ending mamak drinks.

Work has been picking up lately and I’ve not had the time to whine about my boss. Basically things are indeed getting back to normal once again and I’ve suddenly lost all urges to scream, shout and strangle a particular someone.

Am very much looking forward to the long Labour Day weekend this month end. Keeping that weekend in mind, my colleague and I have made a pact to work through Sundays if we had to just so that we finish up this one job by the 28th. Mandy is pissed because I won’t be going to Tioman with them on the 21st. I will be sacrificing the 21st to finish up this job and I very well might just move my mattress, pillow and comforter over to the office so that I can get the job closed by the 28th!

Neither love interest is getting much from me since I’ve been only occupied with work. I intend to concentrate as much as I can to make things work out for the best, at least for the rest of the month. Besides, staying in the office working actually saves me a lot of money. Don’t ask where the money has been going … I personally have no idea. And it’s only the 14th.

My Mocha is approaching it’s 5,000th KM / 2nd service in just 2 months! Quick, send my mocha a congratulations card.

Back to work, as the dreaded kopi-writer. SIGH

(I just noticed I sigh a lot)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Soapy Affair

Guilty as charged.

I’ve been…
Sucked into a realm called TV,
Brought by a channel called BT,
Made me into a person called Lazy,
Now my eyes are blur and hazy.

These are shows I MUST get my weekly dose of.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When I find the time, I promise to review each and every show mentioned above. But before that, BACK TO WORK! *sigh*

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Young and Hopeless

Thought / Song of the moment

Young and Hopeless by Good Charlotte

Sorry bout the ongoing Good Charlotte craze but I am indeed very fond of this particular album. It's not an addiction but it is more of a part of me.

Hard days made me, hard nights shaped me
I don't know they somehow saved me
And I know I'm making something out of this life they called nothing
I take what I want
Take what I need
You say it's wrong but it's right for me
I won't look down
Won't say I'm sorry
I know that only God can judge me

And if I make it thru today will tomorrow be the same
Am I just running in place?
If I stubble and I fall
Should I get up and carry on or will it all just be the same

'Cause, I'm young and hopeless
I'm lost and I know this
I'm going nowhere fast that's what they say
I'm troublesome, I've fallen
I'm angry at my father
It's me against this world and I don't care, I don't care........

Well work has been the usual, been at work till unearthly hours over the week.

Weekend was spent with him ... well at least it was quality time.

And look! It's Monday once more .... Coz I'm Young and I'm Hopeless ... lada lada laddeeeedummm dee dum .. dee dum ..........

Thursday, April 07, 2005


A phrase I picked up from my chats with Ethan

I got to the office at around 9.20am … an hour later; my manager strolled into the office and informed me that my door was ajar.

First reaction – WTF????????

Took my car keys and ran downstairs and saw, with my own eyes, the door of my Mocha AJAR.

NO I didn’t leave the door open simply because I didn’t even OPEN It.

NO I didn’t forget to lock my door either. I purposely made it a point to CHECK that my door was locked this morning. Ok, let me run through the history of events …

8.45am – Left home for work
8.50am – Arrived at the daily Federal Highway Jam (somewhere after Mid Valley)
9.00am – Arrived at the daily Jalan Tun Razak Jam (in front of Nichi Fashion City)
9.10am – Arrived at the Kampung Pandan Roundabout Jam … well not much of a jam
9.15am – Parked my car RIGHT IN FRONT of the staircase leading to my office, locked my door, went to the Mamak to buy cigarettes, unlocked and locked my car door, walked up to the office.
10.20am – Manager tells me “Oi, why did u leave u’r car door open???”

And so I went down, saw my back door ajar, glanced around the car and realized neh, there’s nothing much to steal from my car.

So here I am, still pretty much dumbfucked about what happened.

Best part is, the bloody alarm didn’t make a sound.

KNNCCB to the fucker who tried to be funny. FUCK

(*knnccb – ka nineh chow chee buy)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Rising Temperatures

Down with a cold and my temperature is rising… reaching a boiling point.

I’m supposed to be in bed recovering … but there’s just too much on my mind. I have what it takes to go on a verbal shooting spree, but I suppose my temper and temperature need to reach maximum boiling points before I actually release.

So yeah, I decided to blog. My pillow is hot, like bread fresh out of the oven. My It’s fucking scorching out there and my already hot air con is at 25 degrees and I’m still cold. I suppose I would be better if I were out walking the street, doing normal stuff. Oh wait, I WAS supposed to … only thing, some guy told me that 2pm was a date. At 2pm, that guy conveniently forgot and had to postpone to 3. FINE. Came back, even fucking CLEANED and MOPPED my fucking room, washed my hair, dried my hair, cleaned the air con filters and slept before he had the decency to tell me he’s postponing to dinner. It’s almost 5pm and I’m sitting here, boiling with rage and all I don’t even get a sorry. Bah! Men.

*HUGE sigh*

Now I can sleep …. Goodnight!

And he told me I’m too … demanding … no commanding – apparently he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and told ME off for telling him to get more sleep. Go figure.