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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shit @ Work

People generalize it as usual working shit.

I think its total bull shit. Don’t get me wrong … I love my job. The problem lies in the person who pays my monthly salary. Honestly, I think he’s just sick somewhere up there.

Work has been super busy lately. To top the stress off that, some things have happened in the office within a very short span of time which kind-of shook me awake. I’ve decided not to reveal what at this point of time but after consulting some people who would know better, it made me realize that there may be something surfacing in the near future.

Please don’t mind the ranting.

Apart from all that shit, work is still a bitch, clients are still pretty much bitches and so is everything else surrounding it. Perhaps the only good thing that would seem good is my love life but on the contrary … I think I’m taking it a wee bit too far.

Anyway … just got home from Ampang. Was home pretty early today after telling my boss that I won’t be going back to the office since it was taking me a good half hour per 3 kms or so, crawling on the federal highway. After boss gave his blessings, I just exited at amcorp and ran home. Friend asked me to go see a room with him since the tenant was only available this late at night. Got there, got the room, and evaluated the main tenant. VERY gay.

Time for bed.

Nope my headache’s aren’t quite over yet. Still need to find a nice big bungalow with nice rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Do tell if you know of any … minimal budget.



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